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Jerry Jones: NFL second Thursday night game an option

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Doubleheaders soon may not be the sole property of Major League Baseball.

The NFL reportedly has been talking about the possibility of adding a second game to its Thursday night schedule.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones recently told Daniel Kaplan of Sports Business Journal that the league is thinking about a Thursday night doubleheader.

The league’s denied the report by Kaplan, but Jones has a history of being the de facto mouthpiece of the NFL owners when it comes to new policies.

“We could easily have a doubleheader on Thursday. I don’t think that is out of the realm of thought, we haven’t set up how we will do it,” Jones said, adding all options are open when it comes to the NFL making more money.

It makes sense for the NFL to add a second game on Thursday night for all the fans unable to get the NFL network. Giving the popularity of the league, it makes sense to add a Friday night game as well. The NFL can either make more money by adding another television partner for the extra Thursday game or increase the rights fee it charges to one of its existing partners to cover the second Thursday game.

Traditionalists have opposed the Thursday night game since its inception, but the alternative programming is even worse.

There’s only so many reruns of The Waltons and Miami Monkey a man can take.

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