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NFL: Justin Tuck guarantees New York Giants will improve (really)


If New York Giants defensive line Justin Tuck wants to make guarantees then he should talk in terms of team victories instead of individual numbers.

Tuck was talking recently about the Giants’ lack of sacks and quarterback pressures in the team’s first six games, all losses.

“I guarantee you if you get us in a game scenario in our favor we’ll be fine,” Tuck said, via the New York Daily News. “But we haven’t had the opportunity to play downhill. If you look at the sack numbers from years past, normally we’re leading by two scores in a lot of those games. You get a team where you know they have to pass the ball, they’ve got to get five out, I don’t think an O-line in this league has a chance, regardless if it’s us or anybody else. There are other issues, too. … I don’t care what you bring, if the quarterback gets the ball out of his hands, you’re not going to get there. And I think that’s the game plan against us right now.”

The Giants are a mess with virtually no relief in sight. It started the first game of the season when coach Tom Coughlin benched starting running back David Wilson after a fumble. Since then Coughlin has sent “messages” to other players as well, including wide receivers Hakeem Nicks, Reuben Randle and running back Da’Rel Scott.

But the guy who needs a message the most from Coughlin is quarterback Eli Manning, who leads the league by a mile with 15 interceptions.

Perhaps Coughlin should spend more time worrying about winning games and making the Giants a better team in the long run rather than sending messages.

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