Oct 18, 2013; St. Louis, MO, USA; St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Joe Kelly stands on the field after the playing of the national anthem prior to game six of the National League Championship Series baseball game against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Busch Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Cardinals pitcher, Dodgers outfielder have awkward standoff (Video)

Prior to the St. Louis Cardinals advancing to the World Series Friday night, thanks to their 4-2 NLCS win over the Los Angeles Dodgers, a strange moment took place prior to the game – a standoff between two players.

St. Louis starting pitcher Joe Kelly remained standing in line, hat over his ‘heart’ once the Star Spangled Banner was complete. Seeing this, reserve Dodgers outfielder Scott Van Slyke decided he’d do the same and that’s where the two players stood for minutes, not budging even when the Cardinals took the field to warmup.

Both dugouts seemed to be enjoying the festivities a bit too much and the Dodgers’ dugout even decided to place a batting helmet on the stoic Van Slyke as he stood motionless.

It wasn’t fun and games for everybody though as home plate umpire Greg Gibson looked to become relatively annoyed with the two after they continued to stand when the game was ready to begin.

For what it’s worth, Kelly said standing after the anthem was completed was something he did during his minor league days and continues to do at this stage, including during the current postseason. Van Slyle was apparently just having fun at Kelly’s expense, though it seemed most everybody had a good laugh over it on both sides.

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