Fantasy Football: Packers WR Jarrett Boykin Can Help You Survive Jermichael Finley Injury

Packers WR Jarrett Boykin was someone I had never heard of two weeks ago. Now I own him in two leagues: a 12-teamer and a 14-teamer (even had the cajones to start him in the former). Most experts weren’t very bullish on him, despite both Randall Cobb and James Jones being sidelined with injuries. Their mistake. Any eligible receiver on the field for most of Aaron Rodgers’ snaps is not only worth a speculative add, but probably worth at least flex consideration.

Drew Brees, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady give their receivers the same fantasy bump. You see, when it comes to the greatest signal callers in the game, it’s all about who the guy slinging it — not about the receiver. JoJo the One-Eyed Custodian would be worth a  pick-up as the Packer’s No. 2 WR, if not a spot start. Boykins only had 70 career yards before today. That didn’t matter. In his neighborhood, Mister Rodgers makes even ho-hum receivers look good.

Boykin put up 103 yards and a touchdown against the Packers in his first start. Sure, nobody knew that Jermichael Finley was going to get hurt. Well, that’s not true. I hope he’s OK, and we were all relieved to hear that he has full feeling and movement back in all of his extremities, but Finley is about as injury prone as Ken Griffey Jr. used to be.  Regardless, I think at least some folks had a hunch that Boykin would become relevant. That’s why this late in the season, if someone has any shot at becoming a fantasy star, even a somewhat remote one, you should find a way to make the waiver claim.

Many gurus are saying Boykin (not to be confused with Earl Boykins, former NBA baller/Pokemon character) will be lucky to be a fantasy WR4. Yes, those same gurus who were dead wrong about the undrafted former Virginia Tech standout this week. That’s why you’re going to pick him up immediately. If Jones and Finley are out, you start him with confidence. Otherwise, just use him if you need him and enjoy the ride. I think we just found this year’s out-of-nowhere fantasy stud.

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