Joseph Fauria keeps celebrating (GIF)

Detroit Lions tight end Joseph Fauria has quickly made a name for himself as one of the most entertaining celebrators in the NFL. Fauria has been giving us some hilarious touchdown dances, but this time Fauria’s celebration came to signal a first-down.

Fauria gave us a little wave before pointing to move the chains as he continued showing us his dance moves.

Check out a GIF of the celebration below, via

GIF via Guyism

GIF via Guyism

You would generally like to see a player celebrate only when he scores, but this is a man who is just out there living it up and having some fun. It’s hard to hate on a player for doing that.

If this is the celebration that Fauria had planned for a first-down today, we can’t wait to see what happens if he finds his way into the endzone.


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