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Male Jets fan punches female in face after Patriots game (Video)

The NFL is a great game and you can’t beat a Sunday at home, sitting back and enjoying the action. However, sometimes you like to head to the stadium to experience the atmosphere of fans cheering and booing for your favorite teams and rivals.

Unfortunately, during those games, there are times where a few fans have a bit too much beer and all hell breaks loose.

During the New York Jets at New England Patriots on Sunday, two fans got into a fight with a douchey looking Jets fan in a Wayne Chrebet jersey and camo shorts punched a female fan right in the head.

Deadspin passed along the video with some background from a man named Rob:

“Fight started in the stands with two girls fighting. And moved out to where I shot the video. Beer was thrown and clothing over the balcony. Security went after the guy. Didn’t see what happened after that.”

The NFL can’t be happy that every Sunday we seem to run into an incident like this, but there is nothing they can do when you combine idiots and alcohol.

Hopefully, this man can be caught, and he will receive a permanent ban from all stadiums. That is the least that the league can do.

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  • Rudy Aguilar Jr.

    Awful scene, all i have to say after that is if u run up on someone like that, expect a retaliation. Is it ok to hit a girl? Of course not! but that fight started and the girls only exilated it, she got what she deserved.

    • Howdy_dowdy

      So due to your feminist indoctrination and controlled thinking … any woman that stabs you, shoots you, robs you or assaults you is the victim and you cannot say anything aggressive , otherwise you are abusive to women – just go to jail and insist you be locked up – you’re guilty genius.

  • bk

    Is it any wonder that so many people hate anything and everyone associated with NYC or it’s scummy suburbs (including much of NJ)… They get a gift handed to them, their blowhard coach acts like an ass about it, then guys punch girls in the face? You know when 911 hit, everyone was so sympathetic to NYC… now if a NUKE was to take out all of the east coast from Boston to DC.. I would call it a good start.

  • colaredo

    Really, rudy? You are justifying this big lunk punching that much smaller woman in the head because she approached him??? He must have been a real wussy to be “intimidated” by her… Jeebus, you’re no better than he is. Fuckin’ Neanderthals.

    • Howdy_dowdy

      Oh shut up, male hating biotch

      • colaredo

        Shows you how bright YOU are, H-D. I’m a 50-year-old male. Now get back down to your mother’s basement.

  • 3guys1movie

    Typical Jets fan

  • Howdy_dowdy

    Waaaanh somebody call the feminazis a Waaaambulance … maybe she forgot she wasn’t married to him before she attacked – then she would get everything, the kids, the house, the cars and sit on her arse for the rest of her life while he slaves and lives in his aunt’s basement