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NFL power rankings Week 8: Monday morning ranks

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Oct 13, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; General view of footballs with a pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness month before a game between the Houston Texans and the St. Louis Rams at Reliant Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

As we prepare for tonight’s Monday Night Football match up between the New York Giants and Minnesota Vikings, it’s time to take a look at where every team in the league currently stands.

With tonight’s match up being between two of the worst teams in the league, we won’t have any major changes atop the Week 8 power rankings, but there could be some shuffling in the lower third if either the Giants or Vikings are able to come up with a big win.

Is your favorite team among the best in the league?

Check out the Week 7 power rankings heading in to tonight’s game and let us know your thoughts on the rankings in the comments section below.

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  • Stefanie Smith

    You got the Chargers’ record incorrect. It is 4-3, not the other way around. Being a Chargers’ fan, this is monumental.

  • Dan

    Fix chargers record dude….were 4-3 goin into the bye….bolt up

  • anon76returns

    You also have the Cards in the NFC South and seem to think that both Houston and KC won their game (Houston played tougher, but did not return to the win column).

    • ObiWanWotan

      I’m curious where GB would be ranked if their rookie RB didn’t fumble and the ball didn’t conveniently bounce off the ground and up into the arms of the DB from Cinci who then went untouched for six, and their record was 5-1, instead of 4-2, having lost only to San Fran in San Fran due to 2 missing DBs replaced by rookie DBs in their 1st game ever, and a rookie left OT too. Hmm, 4 rookies, none of which were expected to replace starters, provided just barely enough room for opponents to win twice, in their houses. Stay tuned.

      • mike b.

        I think as the starters get back it will all pan out in the end , Go Pack !

        • ObiWanWotan

          I am actually a fan of little faith, but they continuously surprise me. I think its because they are better than I think they are. And I think its the same with ‘the media’ and others. Maybe the staters will get back in time – but they gotta get back 100% too, and I don’t know about that. And kripes, now Finley – not sure he or Cobbs will ever be 100% anymore.

  • GW

    The Colts losses to Miami (at home) and San Diego (where they failed to get into the endzone) are being overlooked in these rankings. Yes beating SF, SEA and DEN are impressive feats but Indy shouldn’t be considered #1 at this point in time.

    • Puck U

      Not when the Colts lose to Miami and San Diego.

    • SBA

      They aren’t number one they’re number two.

    • SBA

      It literally said those losses kept them from the top spot. Maybe try reading the summary next time before you comment

      • GW

        I did read the article. That was supposed to say 2, not 1. Typo lol just fixed it

    • Candysmokeshop Nostalgia Candy


    • Trevor Thomas

      Agreed. I’d also argue the Chiefs don’t deserve #1 yet. Could they beat anyone in the league? Potentially. Could they end the season ranked #1? Totally. Do their 7 wins over mediocre teams, some of them by single digits, imply the “most powerful” team in the NFL? Absolutely not. At least not yet.

    • Timothy Goss

      I disagree. No one has more big wins than the Colts, and if they were to play the Chiefs this weekend on a neutral field I’d pick them (I think they would both win at home). Seattle makes a good arguement at 2, as does Denver, however, Indy beat both of them; that’s impressive…even if they were at home.

      • skeletony

        Indy barely escaped with a win at home over the Seahawks. Was more a case of Seattle LOSING the game (by settling for FGs instead of TDs) than Indy winning it. They do deserve credit for beating Denver, but again this was a home game and did not surprise me much at all that they won. Meanwhile Seattle is 6-1 with a 3-1 road record and we all know they would have won if the game were on a neutral field or blown Indy out if the game were in Seattle.

        Don’t get me wrong, I like Indy and think they are definitely a top 4 or 5 team but just as I would not put Seattle ahead of K.C. (and would not contest them being behind Denver or possibly even the Saints because these are also 6-1 teams who have proven themselves), I cannot take seriously a ranking which puts the Colts ahead of clearly better teams for no reason other than people wrongly thought the Broncos were unstoppable and are being prisoners of the moment, shocked by Indy beating them (barely) in a home game.

  • Puck U

    Colts are over rated at # 2. You can’t ignore they’ve already lost games to Miami and San Diego.

    • Steven Hinkle

      If that’s the case, then KC should be ranked around #10. Their opponents
      are 14-33, they’ve played only one winning team, the Cowboys. Seven
      teams over 7 weeks have COMBINED for 14 wins, and that’s the schedule
      the Chief’s have had. Softest schedule in the league.

      • Julie Pham

        So Denver’s opponents are 18-30…. whats your excuse for them? Not like the Chiefs decided their schedule. Hell, we were happy to have even won 3 games with this young Chiefs team, give credit where its due

  • Puck U

    We found out where the Broncos really stand when they play a good team, rather than their usual cream puff schedule. Broncos should be dropped below the Seahawks.

    • Ambitoos

      I agree. That Bronco secondary is ranked in the bottom five.

  • Peter Myhre

    I know these rankings don’t mean really anything at all. However, it seems a bit silly to rank the Rams above the Panthers. They have a worse record and the Panthers handled them fairly easily… yesterday.

  • Barrett

    “Case Keenum looked respectable on Sunday as the team returned to the win column.”

    They didn’t return to the win column.

  • chitown

    The Skins shouldn’t be ranked below any other 2-4 team beyond maybe the Falcons…certainly not the Raiders, who they beat handily. I mean seriously, what the hell?

    Edit: and the Rams over the Panthers? WHAT…THE…HELL?

  • Candysmokeshop Nostalgia Candy

    When the Chiefs roll Denver, SF and Seattle let me know….that D may keep them in the game but no way they beat all three….in fact Denver will beat them twice later this year.

    • njew84

      I wouldn’t be surprised if KC beats Denver twice.

      • Steven Hinkle

        I would be surprised if KC beats any winning team beyond this point (The only winning team they’ve beat yet is Dallas). 14-33 is what KC has played against, 4 of those wins belonging to the Cowboys. At this point, the Jag’s would be at 3-4 or 4-3 if they had KC’s creampuff schedule.

  • Terry Orletsky

    chargers are 4-3 not 3-4 and two of those three losses were in the final seconds. Watch out for the chargers.

  • Brandon Potter

    The Arizona Cardinals are in the NFC West…Not the NFC South

  • IowaDave

    While they were a competitive team until now, I’m not sure the Rams should be ahead of anyone the rest of the season.

  • Guest

    Seriously, I’m not so dilusional that I think my team (Buffalo) is better than even half the league, but we have as many wins as Carolina, Miami and Baltimore, yet somehow all of those teams are ranked higher…what gives?

  • Timothy Goss

    Seriously, I’m not so dilusional that I think my team (Buffalo) is better than even half the league, but we have as many wins as Carolina, Miami and Baltimore (all teams Buffalo has beat this year), yet somehow all of those teams are ranked higher…what gives?

  • chas territo

    Can’t accept these rankings at all, not even a little bit! You have the Bills at 20th when they should be just behind the Jets. The teams ahead of the Bills are some we have beaten already, like the Dolphins and Carolina. GO BILLS!!

  • Ryan

    ummm the Cardinals are in the nfc west….

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