Aug 29, 2013; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills quarterback Matt Leinart (7) gets hit by Detroit Lions defensive end Israel Idonije (77) after a pass during the first half at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

St. Louis Rams are working out quarterback Matt Leinart

The drop from Sam Bradford to Kellen Clemens is pretty drastic. The drop from Sam Bradford to Matt Leinart is like falling off a cliff. Alas, that’s the reality facing the St. Louis Rams this morning after finding out that starting quarterback Sam Bradford has a torn ACL.

The Rams are reportedly not interested in Vince Young or Tim Tebow, though, are apparently working out Matt Leinart who was cut by the Buffalo Bills during training camp as he tried to replace the injured EJ Manuel.

That didn’t work out and now Leinart is hopeful he’ll be able to sign with the Rams.

#Rams are working out former #Cardinals 10th overall pick QB Matt Leinart.

Leinart has only played in four games since 2009 (!!), two with the Oakland Raiders and two with the Houston Texans. It’s doubtful the Rams would bring Leinart in to be anything more than emergency backup to Clemmens, though, neither option is overly attractive.

It’s possible the Rams may look to the trade market for quarterback help.

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  • Guest

    Matt Leinart is a much better quarterback than Kellen Clemens. In fact he’s a better QB than Matt Schaub and anybody else they have in Houston as the Texans are finding out.

  • Trust Me

    Matt Leinart can bring a great southpaw element and he understands offense very well. He is better than many quarterbacks in the league and has gotten a bad wrap from the “party pics” and being subjected to junk football teams. The NFL teams he played with were terrible. He has smarts and Pete showed he can throw bombs from his left arm if you have a receiver or two that’s worth a $hi* and a little protection.

  • Mozillameister

    No. He sucks. The only reason to bother is because he’s gonna be a cheap backup so they can secure a draft pick by losing out the season.

    These drafts have become so essential now that teams are willing to throw away an entire season just for that pick. Purposely losing is now considered strategy! Look at Jacksonville. They haven’t even tried other options!

    Colts and Redskins did the same thing back in 2011, too.

    For a lot of these teams (Browns, Jags, Vikings, now Rams), its now a race to the bottom. The loser gets a #1 Draft Pick and possibly amazing quarterback on the cheap! Like that South Park episode where the kids are trying to lose baseball so they don’t have to play anymore.

    They need to fix the Draft system to prevent this sort of behavior. Teams should try their best to salvage a season…not give incentives to give up and throw away the season…

    I know its been said before, but having a AAA farm league in less represented parts of the country and doing away with drafting altogether would make a whole lot more sense…