Oct 20, 2013; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy (27) rushes with the football during the second quarter against the Cleveland Browns at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Worst Combination of Uniforms of the Week Goes to the Browns and Packers

When the Cleveland Browns took the field against the Green Bay Packers, the game was ugly long before the kickoff even happened.  The Packers sported their throwback uniforms that Packer players have admitted they do not like while the Browns went with their normal orange helmets and white jerseys, which are great, but dragged out their brown pants again.  They look like brown tights as they are just brown with nothing but a white Nike swoosh on them; no stripe or anything else to give them some life.

The Packers and Browns both have nice uniforms in general and have some of the most classic uniforms in an NFL that seems hell bent on eliminating them.  This combination of uniforms they sported on Sunday; just awful.  The Browns wore tights while the Packers had on riding tights best saved for dressage competition.  The Packers had those ugly blue jerseys with the yellow dot in the middle around the numbers on their jerseys and a lifeless helmet.

Not to sound like Andy Rooney, but in a world filled with alternate uniforms littering the landscape, especially in college, is it too much to ask that the teams that have nice uniforms to keep them?  If the Packers or Browns can come up with a good looking alternate set up, fine, but seeing the Packers in those throwbacks makes a person really miss the green jerseys and yellow pants.  Meanwhile, there are plenty of people who will say they do not like the Browns uniforms (even if they are dead wrong), but no one can suggest those brown pants are improving the situation.  The only uniform combination that might be worse is if the Denver Broncos come out in those awful brown and yellow uniforms they kept putting on Kyle Orton against the Pittsburgh Steelers in those bumble bee uniforms they keep insisting on using.  Alternate uniforms can be great, but the alternate uniforms have to be great.  There is a reason the Packers stopped wearing those uniforms; because they were awful.

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