WWE Raw: Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan contract signing

WWERAWLOGOAfter HHH and Stephanie made their way out to the ring, Randy Orton was out with Justin Roberts announcing him as the “face of the WWE,” followed by Daniel Bryan to a plethora of the usual “YES” chants. Then, Hunter got on the mic and gave his best friend–and special guest referee–Shawn Michaels a rousing introduction.

Stephanie welcomes everyone as a loud “HBK” chant rings through the arena. She then hands the mic over to Orton.

Orton praises Bryan for constantly taking the beatings he has lately, but then tells him that he won’t be getting up after this Sunday’s beating in the cell. Orton points out opponents–including the Undertaker, Sheamus and John Cena–that he’s beaten inside the structure throughout his career. He promises that Bryan’s first time in the cell this Sunday, will be his absolute last as he signs his name on the dotted line.

Bryan says that he expects a threat like that from someone like Orton, but then points out that if it weren’t for the Authority, he’d be the WWE Champion at the current moment. He thanks Orton for pushing him to prove that he’s more than a B+ player, as well as showing his true colors and bringing out the worst in Steph and Hunter.

Daniel Bryan then signs his name.

HHH tells Bryan that he’s going to prove this Sunday when he gets in the cell that he’s nothing more than a B+player. Bryan then tells Hunter to get his gear ready, which the former WWE Champion declines, saying that Bryan isn’t a big enough star to get him back into the ring.

After HHH says Michaels shouldn’t have wasted his time training him, Shawn butts in and tells him otherwise, and then asks where the old Hunter is. Michaels says all he cares about is giving someone a WWE champion on Sunday.

Shawn and Hunter exchange words about Bryan, before Orton begins to mouth off to Bryan again.

Then, on the titantron, a tractor-trailer is shown entering the arena, driven by the Big Show. He drives the rig right into the arena. He motions for Orton to turn around, and when he does, Bryan lays him out with the running knee to the face.

The show goes off the air with Big Show and Bryan leading the crowd in a “YES!” chant from the truck by the entrance ramp.






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