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Jerry Jones: 'Tough time to make a trade'


Over the weekend, it was reported that the Dallas Cowboys were looking to trade for a running back. Now, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones doesn’t believe a trade is likely, according to Pro Football Talk.

Jones had this to say regarding a potential trade, via 105.3 The Fan:

If you do not get a call, you’re going to have a tough time to make a trade. This sitting around saying, ‘What if? . . .  What if? . . .  I’ll give my 2017 three for his tackle sitting over there’.  You really are wasting a lot of time.

Perhaps Jones really believes a trade is unikely. One the other hand, perhaps he just hasn’t found the right trade, and the this is an open invitation for calls.

However, because of Dallas’ salary cap situation, a trade is still unlikely. According to Jones:

There are a lot of teams — we’re one of them — that really can’t afford to go out there and bring a lot of bonus [money] forward into 2013.

With all this being said, Jones still wouldn’t completely deny the possibility of a trade:

I don’t want to say never, but certainly I’m not spending a lot of time trying to trade into a defensive lineman.

While there may not be any options for at this point, Jones should keep an open mind. The Cowboys could certainly use the help at running back and the defensive line if some players do become available at the right price.


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