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0-6 Bucs coach Greg Schiano should have bigger worries

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Dexter Jackson just doesn’t understand how paranoid NFL coaches can be.

Jackson, a former Super Bowl MVP, told 98.7 The Fan, via CBS Local, that Bucs head coach Greg Schiano tried to remove him while Jackson was at the team facility watching practice one day.

“Schiano sent his guy over to run me out of practice one day,” Jackson said. “This guy said, ‘Who are you? What are you doing here? You can’t be here.’ I said, ‘Go get the (Bucs owners) Glazers if you want me to leave.’ He (Schiano) tried to run me out.”

Jackson works with disadvantaged kids and brings them regularly to meet the team. That may end soon because he said he was warned by friends that thins have gotten a bit tense inside the walls at One Buc Place.

“I even tried to get a job there,” Jackson said. “Some people said, ‘Be careful, man, you don’t want to work here,’ and I was like, ‘Wow, I’m a Buccaneer,’ and people have been telling me to be careful.

“I usually bring kids to One Buc Place, 4th and 5th graders in Hillsborough County and Pinellas County doing my case management work with a lot of youth in this area. They told me to stop bringing kids on Friday because I’m distracting professional players.”

Jackson probably should have come dressed as a New Orleans Saints or Atlanta Falcons defensive lineman. The way the Bucs (0-6) are playing this season it would have been difficult for anyone with the team to move him around anywhere.

Will Greg Schiano get fired this season?

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  • Dan

    Bag it Campbell. I’m tired of Pro crybabies. Once playing for a team does not give you any right to come and snoop around any time you feel like it. I love the way Jackson stood behind little children to try and make others feel like he was mistreated … he had no children there and that would still not give him a right.
    LOL, bring the owner down to throw me out, look moron, the coach is in charge at practice and if the owner would ask you to leave, would then say bring the commissioner down?

    I’m sick and tiered of these pro’s that think they are some sort of God, all you do drink, do drugs, use your football to hustle girls and act like a tough guy. I no longer go to games because of players like you and never did like you when you imitated that you were playing football.

    Get a job selling popcorn at a movie theater or something to make yourself useful.