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Baltimore Ravens: Is QB Joe Flacco earning his mega-salary?

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Raise your hand if you think it was a mistake for the Baltimore Ravens to pay quarterback Joe Flacco $20 million a season.

That’s a lot of Mighty Wings.

Apparently, most Ravens fans have been thinking that all season, and now defensive end Terrell Suggs thinks so as well, although he didn’t say it in so many words.

Suggs was asked by reporters after the game whether the Ravens’ mediocre start is anything to worry about.

“I’m very concerned,” Suggs said after the game, per CSN Baltimore. “It’s been very rare with this franchise that we’ve been under .500. It’s happened at a perfect time for us to address everything. We have a tremendous amount of work to do.”

Suggs wouldn’t go into details, but the elephant in the room was the play of Flacco.


Asked specifically about what needed to improve, Suggs was reluctant to point fingers.

 “That’s definitely something in-house. I’m not going to give something out for my opponents to say, ‘Let’s see if they correct it.’ We know what we gotta fix — special teams, offense, defense. We’re at a state of emergency now.”

Flacco is the chief  reason. He’s averaging one touchdown pass per game on a team that can’t run the ball.

Fantasy football is certainly not a barometer of performance, but when you are one of the league’s highest players you are expected to play like it, in fantasy and reality.

All is not lost for Flacco, however. He does lead the NFL in one fantasy category: Highest paid player available on the waiver wire.

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