Is Redskins safety Brandon Meriweather a dirty player?


Players around the NFL are starting to call Washington Redskins safety Brandon Meriweather “Money” because he’s starting to deliver more blows to the head than boxer Floyd Mayweather.

The NFL suspended Meriweather for two games for what the league called repeated violations of the sport’s player safety rules.

Brandon Marshall of the Chicago Bears was upset with Meriweather after the Bears’ 45-41 loss to the Redskins. Meriweather was flagged twice for high hits, once to Marshall and once to Alshon Jeffery. Earlier in the season, Meriweather knocked out Green Bay running back Eddie Lacy, giving Lacy a concussion in the process.

“Guys like that really don’t understand that there is life after football,” Marshall said to the Chicago Tribune. “I respect the league trying to better our game and guys like that, maybe he needs to get suspended or taken out of the game completely. I understand. I get it. I was one of those guys. I played defense growing up. I was a headhunter. Even sometimes on the offensive side, I played that way. But with rules in place, you’ve gotta respect it.”

Meriweather is expected to appeal his suspension. It’s customary for suspensions to get reduced, but in this case the NFL is not messing around and is not likely to reduce it.


After the game, Meriweather expressed his surprise about all the controversy.

“I feel like every hit that I took was a legit hit, he told The Washington Post. “I wasn’t trying to be dirty. I wasn’t trying to hurt nobody. I didn’t launch with my head. I used my shoulder like they told me to do. Everything I did was a pointer from them (league officials). . .  You’ve just got to play. There ain’t nothing I can do about it. I just go out there and play.


And now Meriweather will have a couple weeks to work on his boxing skills.

Is Redskins safety Bradon Meriweather a dirty player?

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