Oct 6, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Denver Broncos receiver Demaryius Thomas (88) makes a leaping catch late in the fourth quarter against Dallas Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr (39) at AT

Cowboys CB Brandon Carr has new motivation

Cowboys corner back Brandon Carr has been motivated all season long by none other than his father. Yes, John Carr, father of Brandon,  “calls and talks smack about the opponents wide receivers,” to his son according to ESPN.

It’s helped Brandon Carr rise to a fantastic start. According to Stats LLC., Carr has been beaten just 44 percent of the time in 2013 and he’s got two interceptions with seven pass breakups.

This week is going to be a bit more interesting for the Carr family, as the Cowboys will be taking on the Detroit Lions, and Carr will be covering Calvin Johnson most likely.

“He hasn’t called me yet about this one,” Brandon Carr said. “I’ll probably talk to him. He’s my basketball coach for my whole entire life, my AAU basketball coach. He knows what makes me tick. He knows how to get under my skin. He knows how to pump up the opposing receiver in a way that I don’t like it. He gives them too much attention on the phone and we’ll have it out. He knows how to get under my skin and kind of get my juices flowing and get me ready for the game.”

It will be interesting to see if John Carr is able to help out his son this week as he will take on potentially his biggest opponent of the season. Calvin Johnson isn’t just someone you can normally cover and shut down, he’s too skilled to let that happen.

Only time will tell, but thankfully, the game is just a few days away. So we won’t be waiting that long.

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