Oct 14, 2013; Dallas, TX, USA; Dallas Mavericks point guard Monta Ellis (11) passes the ball by Orlando Magic shooting guard E

Mavs' Monta Ellis says he is looking for the pass too much

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The Dallas Mavericks are hoping that Monta Ellis can bolster their back court and reverse their fortunes in the upcoming season. Ellis has been slumping so far in the preseason but he thinks he understands why.

“I think I’m looking for the pass too much,” Ellis said, via ESPN Dallas. “I’ve got to be more aggressive attacking the basket, getting a couple to go down and then work to see how the defense changes.”

“There’s a lot of shots that’s been there and I’ve been making the late pass,” Ellis said. “I think the majority of my turnovers come because instead of me taking that shot or making the layup, I try to pass. I’ve got to get out of that. I’ve got to be more aggressive and make the defense move.”

It is true. The Mavericks brought him in to be a secondary scoring threat behind Dirk Nowitzki, not to be a passer. That is why they brought in Jose Calderon, to be the distributor.

“We want him to be aggressive, and I think really the passes are going to be there when he’s aggressive to score,” Nowitzki said. “That’s when the guys are going to double him off the pick-and-roll. That’s when [the center’s] guy slides over to protect the rim.

“Really, it starts with him being aggressive and looking to score. Then if it’s not there, the pass is always an option, but we need him to get in the lane. We need him to be aggressive. He’s so good at it.

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