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Revis: 'not even close' to 100 percent


When was the last time anyone visited Revis Island?

That’s a question Tampa Bay Buccaneers corner Darrelle Revis, who has not been the same player since returning from an ACL injury he sustained over a year ago, must be asking.

Revis blames his injury for his play, admitting he is “not even close” to be being 100 percent to Brad Nessler and Mike Mayock of NFL Network before Thursday night’s game against the Carolina Panthers, via Pro Football Talk.

Revis said his still-healing knee is limiting his ability to play press coverage because he does not know when he will be muster enough speed:

Sometime’s the explosion’s there. Sometime’s it’s not.

The  three-time All Pro also added that others who have had ACL injuries told him that eventually the speed will return on a consistent basis.

The Bucs better hope so, because so far Revis has not been the dominant shutdown corner he once was for the New York Jets. And having a 75 or 80 percent healthy Revis has lead to exactly zero wins so far this season for the Bucs.


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