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Brett Favre cannot remember his daughter playing soccer

So much was made of the fact that Brett Favre was on 570 AM in Washington and how he flatly said he had no interest in coming back to play in the NFL to play for the St. Louis Rams or any other team.  What got lost in the conversation is what else he said in the interview.  Favre explained how he could not remember his daughter playing soccer for a summer.  This was not simply one particular game, but he cannot remember eight games worth of her playing over one summer.

Favre is championed as one of the ultimate tough guys in NFL history and there is no indication how many concussions he had in his career.  He was always going to get up and even if he could not finish the game he had started, he would always come back the next week.  The number of times that has happened is hard to count, but certainly that is something everyone remembers when it comes to Favre.

The protocols and the seriousness involving how to care for concussions simply was not there.  They did not take it seriously and that was an era where a player could get dinged and either keep playing or return relatively quickly.  Hopefully, Favre is the last of a dying breed but the NFL’s unwillingness to admit it had a problem for so long creates almost a lost generation of football players that are going to come up with legitimate health issues and bad headlines for the NFL while they finally work to do the right things when it comes to the game.

Brett Favre having problems at just 44 and only a few years removed from the league and having them this fast is not good for the NFL and obviously heartbreaking for Favre fans.  Everyone knows who Brett Favre is for any number of reasons.  When he has memory problems and this story gets more run, it will resonate with a lot of people.  It is a little concerning this has not gotten more attention already considering who Favre is, but it might already suggest a callousness to the problem from both the media and football fans.

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