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Former Redskin Doug Williams compares RGIII to Elway


Later this afternoon, Washington head coach Mike Shanahan will return to the place where he won two Super Bowls when his 2-4 Redskins battle the 6-1 Denver Broncos.

And while Washington’s offense can’t compare to Shanahan’s Hall of Fame offense he had in Denver, Broncos fans may be reminded of similar skilled position players. Shanahan’s Redskins have a great one-cut running back, and an athletic tight end. They may even have a similar quarterback.

At least former Redskins Super Bowl MVP Doug Williams thinks so, who played quarterback against the Broncos and Shanahan’s offense in Super Bowl XXII.

Williams had the following to say about Shanahan’s current quarterback Robert Griffin III and his former Denver great John Elway, via NFL Network:

I see a common link the way he coaches, but back then I think he had that guy, they had John Elway. I think now he has that guy, he has Robert Griffin, if he can get up and play with the health and everything.

Williams thinks that Griffin’s mobility is what causes Shanahan’s offense to tick:

I think the last couple weeks he is playing the way Mike wants him to play. Mainly, move around, mobile quarterback and make plays. I don’t think John ran nearly as much as Robert Griffin has done, but he does move around and Shanahan likes that.

Shanahan won two Super Bowls with the Denver Broncos with an offense powered by Elway, running back Terrell Davis, and tight end Shannon Sharp. Redskins fans hope that someday Shanahan can do the same with Griffin, Alfred Morris, and tight end Jordan Reed. But 2-4 isn’t going to get the job done.


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