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Chris Cooley thinks former teammate Haynesworth is an 'awful human being'


Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder has made his fair share of questionable decisions, but perhaps none more agregious than the massive contact he gave to defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, who one NFL general manager pointed out only “played to get paid.”

Former Washington tied end Chris Cooley seems to agree with this assessment, calling his former teammate and 2008 Defensive Player of the Year an “awful human being” who wanted to land a massive signing bonus, just to get cut as soon as possible.

Cooley had the following to say about Haynesworth on WTEM-AM, via The Washington Post:

His goal from the get-go was to take that money. He also indicated to many players on the team that his new goal was to get released as soon as possible, sign another maybe $10, 12 million contract — that’s verbatim — go somewhere, play for a year and probably get released, and keep that money too. … This was open (knowledge) among many players in this locker room: that his goal was basically to take money.

Cooley believes Haynesworth thought NFL teams had no problem cutting players before the end of their contract, using players up and then letting them go whenever they were no longer found useful

While Haynesworth’s viewpoint may be accurate, it is not an excuse to waste the time and money of not only a football team, but also the players on the team that could have used the money, or even roster spot, themselves.

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