August 13, 2012; Oakland, USA; Oakland Raiders running back Darren McFadden (20) carries the ball during warm ups before the game against the Dallas Cowboys at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys trade rumors: Could Darren McFadden be a target?

They say that we are currently sitting in a seller’s market in the NFL when it comes to the running back position, with very few teams around the league looking to bolster their backfield. However, there were recently rumors that the Dallas Cowboys were losing faith in DeMarco Murray as a starting running back, so they could be looking to add at the position.

Among the available running backs heading in to tomorrow afternoon’s trade deadline are Maurice Jones-Drew of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Arizona Cardinals running back Ryan Williams, Detroit Lions back up Mikel Leshoure and former first-round pick Mark Ingram of the New Orleans Saints.

One other guy that has not been mentioned is Oakland Raiders running back Darren McFadden, who is entering the final year of his rookie contract.

The Cowboys had some serious interest in McFadden when he was set to enter the NFL Draft out of Arkansas, but they didn’t have the ammunition to trade up and land him early in the first-round.

Instead, Dallas settled for McFadden’s teammate, Felix Jones, which never worked out.

Now that McFadden is on the block and the Cowboys reportedly would like to add at running back, could this be a match made in heaven?

Dallas would need to fiddle around with the salary cap to free up space for McFadden, but if they really want to add talent to the backfield this could be their best option. If they like the idea, they have just around 24 hours to make it happen.

Would you like to see McFadden suiting up with the star on his helmet and what should the Cowboys give up as compensation? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts and predictions.

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  • cwbys1fan1

    Absolutley…he’s a homerun hitter and goodin the passing game….i wouldnt give up a first but maybe a third and some cash

    • Bob

      Show me the money! DMC has been a disappointment to the Raiders fans.

      • cwbys1fan1

        I agree he’s been disappointing, thats why I wwould waste a 3rd and cash maybe some players…look at Marshawn Lynch was a huge disappointment in Buffalo now a stud in Seattle


          He would be a good pick up to go with D.Murray atleast till teh off season and move one of them.
          TRADE1… OAKLAND GETS HB L.Dunbar 4th rd pick
          DALLAS GETS HB D.McFadden 7th rd pick

          TRADE 2… MINNASOTA GETS… CB O.Scandrick OT J.Parnell 3rd rd pick
          DALLAS GETS …… DE J.Allen

          { if no mcfadden trade}TRADE 3… BUFFALO GETS.. QB K.Orton WR M.Austin HB L.Dunbar 6th rd pick
          DALLAS GETS HB CJ.Spiller SS J.Byrd

          Clears up cap and gives us options on Allen and Byrd at the end of the year. Didnt include HB D.Murray if he stays and we get Spiller or McFadden we will be good to go maybe even Peterson if jerry has some kind of magic trick halloween shocker trade

          • Zach Stocker

            so tell us in what world is two pro bowlers worth two 2nd strings? dumbass buffalo trade ridicoulous

          • cwbys1fan1

            Bryd is gone in Buffalo at the end of the season..whether they get something not, spiller hasnt proven shit in Buffalo..I think he’s a good back but just like Murray and McFadden injury prone…Orton is a starter on quite a few teams…Buffalo one of them

          • Zach Stocker

            Cj spiller had a 6.6yd avg last year worse offensive line this year and has to split carries with fred jackson. he might be gone at the end of the season but why wouldn’t dallas just wait instead of trade valuable picks its going be a bidding game no matter what.

          • Josh Wingate

            You do realize that the 3rd trade is a complete joke. Also The Cowboys will find it hard to make a trade for Jared Allen due to his contract, but in a trade scenario that you have given the cowboys would also eat the dead money for Scandrick would not work again.. The only realistic trade would be the McFadden trade but I don’t see the Cowboys trading Dunbar, but looking at McFadden’s contract I do not see it happening unless the Cowboys rework his deal to make it more friendly in the first 2 years.

  • WildGorgh

    What dallas need to do, Hire my Gramma to set them straight. These group of player in Dallas have no Identities. Grandma would pinch their ears and make sure the are playing in Texas and they shouldn’t settle for anything but a Super ball, while wagging her finger at Redhead Jesus to get his act together

  • Nick

    Hell yea. Go get him. We lost two games cause we couldn’t run out final minutes. It would be worth a 1 or 2 round pick if we could close a few more games

  • Earl Robertson

    He is another injured prone dude who will be hurt more then he plays

  • Jason

    What needs to happen is 2 things. (1) Jerry Jones needs to let go of the reins and hire a REAL General Manager who KNOWS football. (2) Get a quarterback that will lead the Cowboys to the promise land.

  • RdrFusion

    Amazing! Just when McF scores 2 TD’s! He is so frustrating! Why can’t he do that every week!?