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Rex Ryan on loss to Bengals: ‘We’re much better than that’


It’s hard to stay positive when your team losses to the Cincinnati Bengals 49-9.

But then again, not everyone is New York Jet’s head coach Rex Ryan.

According to Pro Football Talk, Ryan wants to move on from the blowout loss:

We got our butts kicked and there’s no two ways about it. All phases of the game.

We’re a much better team than that. We know we’re a better team than that. But, again, what happened happened. We better move forward.

While it is more than true that the Jets got their “butts kicked” last Sunday, at 4-4 and playing with a rookie quarterback, I’m not so sure that they are better than that. The Jets are exactly what they are, a mediocre team with middling talent that can’t (yet) compete with the top teams in the league. That is what we saw against the Bengals, and that is what I am sure we will continue to see.

While Ryan just wants to move on, the Jets have to play Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints next week. So unless the Jets improve significantly, they are in trouble and Ryan knows it.

“New Orleans is one that will flat-out embarrass you,” Ryan said.

If the Jets defense can allow Bengals Andy Dalton to throw for 325 yards and five touchdowns, I wonder how many Brees will get.

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