Oct 6, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) talks with wide receiver Dez Bryant (88) during a time out against the Denver Broncos at AT

Tony Romo says Dez Bryant never complained about getting the ball, is a good teammate

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The Dallas Cowboys suffered a devastating and embarrassing loss to the Detroit Lions. The shocking defeat was the overshadowed in part by two sideline tantrums from wide receiver Dez Bryant. He was first seen yelling at a seated Tony Romo, then at the end of the game he was seen jawing with Jason Witten and was eventually restrained by DeMarcus Ware.

Romo is defending his receiver, much like Terrell Owens once defended him.

“He’s a competitive guy,” Romo said Sunday, via the Dallas Morning News. “He’s never complained to me about getting the ball. He knows the ball is going to where it’s supposed to. He knows that. I think more than anything it’s about him willing the team.

“When you guys see emotion sometimes from Dez, it’s just rah rah more than it is being a ‘me guy.’ That’s not who Dez is. I think that would be completely out of character for him for it to be a ‘me situation.’ He does a great job. Sometimes, it’s, ‘Come on guys, we’re better than this,’ really emotionally. But he’s never a selfish guy.”

Romo also added that: “Some guys are emotional during games. Others keep it in a little bit. It’s what helps him play good.

“There will be some stories about it, I’m sure, but everyone in the locker room knows there is nothing to it. It’s not like this guy is being deceitful or trying to do something that helps himself. He literally just cares about winning.

“He wants the ball because he thinks he can help us win. But he’s never going to come to me and just make that a point. That’s because he’s a good teammate.”

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