Cardinals fans respond to World Series loss with racism and conspiracy theories

Oct 30, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; Boston Red Sox relief pitcher Junichi Tazawa catches the ball to force out St. Louis Cardinals designated hitter Allen Craig (not pictured) in the seventh inning during game six of the MLB baseball World Series at Fenway Park. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Cardinals lost to the Boston Red Sox in Game 6, as the Red Sox claimed the 2013 World Series. It was a brilliant performance from the Red Sox all around, but the Cardinals fans didn’t seem to appreciate their teams efforts.

Boston clinched their first World Series at home since 1918, but it is the Cardinals fans who are making themselves look silly for comments unrelated to baseball.

Instead of placing blame and directing their anger at their own team, they decided to stoop very low and show why so many people need to learn that you must think before you tweet.

St. Louis had been unable to get much going on offense, so instead of blaming their team for the poor performance, the fans have directed insults at Red Sox pitchers Junichi Tazawa and closer  Koji Uehara. They also decided to throw racist remarks at David Ortiz, just because.

It is frightening, sad and really shows how much progress the nation still needs to make.

Check out some of the comments: (Warning: Vulgar and racist comments below)







Oh, and then there was this.


Some people need to take a step back and remember that this is just a game before they continue to show how ignorant they are on social media.

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  • Ovadia

    How about we paint with a little finer brush here? As both a Cardinals fan and a fellow writer for Redbird Rants, this article is shit.

    Firstly, the “Baseball’s Best Fans” twitter account is fake. It is designed to give writers like you who are trying to take a shot at the Cardinals and their legitimate fans something to write about. Congratulations for falling for that trap.

    Secondly, pulling out two or three of any team’s worst fans and what they say on twitter is going to result in some pretty poor comments. Should I have written something about the Red Sox fans after Game 3? I’m sure that there were some phenomenal tweets. But no, only people lacking class would do that, because every team has half-hearted, douchebag fans who don’t understand the game and refuse to have tact. That goes for all 30 teams. Choosing those few as your chosen sample to represent all of Cardinal Nation is insulting and simply poor journalism.

    Thirdly, this article is not entitled “Some Cardinals Fans Respond to World Series Loss with Racism and Conspiracy Theories” (note the capitalization, I’m sorry that your prestigious journalism degree failed to cover proper capitalization of titles, so I’ll help you out). It is entitled simply “Cardinals Fans . . . ” et cetera. This incorrectly implies that this was the reaction of all Cardinal fans, which is misleading, dishonest, and factually incorrect.

    I admit that I was sad to see my team lose last night, but I did not respond with either racism or conspiracy theories, and I do blame my team’s lack of offense. I am not here because I am bitter about a loss, but because your so called “journalism” is crap that you dredged up from the lowest and basest parts of the internet. There would have been no article about inappropriate twitter comments from Boston fans had the Cardinals won, and it wouldn’t have been for lack of inappropriate comments.

    In closing, I am both unimpressed and insulted by your article. It should not have been published.

  • Fred FLintstone

    Josh, how negative of you to choose a few poor fans in order to insult the entire Cardinal nation. You should have majored in psychology since you obviously have a bad attitude that could use some help. My guess is that you are quite racist yourself since you obviously went out of your way to find all these comments to repost.

  • ggm888 .

    im very happy the worst team in baseball lost last night i threw a party after they lost and it was a great party.

  • Riley

    This article is absolutely ridiculous. You took a couple of so-called cardinal fans inappropriate comments back and forth to each other and made a federal case out of it. It sounds like all cardinal fans are like this and they’re not. Don’t think for a minute that Boston fans haven’t come to cardinal blogs and bad mouthed cardinal players and fans. They’ve probably tweeted derogatory comments as well. You just didnt go looking for those. I think you need to step back and scrutinize why you really wrote this article. Useless.

  • Jacob

    As a Cardinal fan, I would never stoop to such a low level as this. I know nearly all other Cardinals would not either. Just because 1 or 2 “Cardinal fans” are idiots doesn’t mean all Cardinal fans are this way. Many people consider Cardinal fans “the best fans in baseball” because nearly all of us have class. This twitter account does not even remotely represent the majority of Cardinal fans. This article is ridiculous.