Aug 30, 2012; Green Bay, WI, USA; Kansas City Chiefs helmets during the game against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. The Packers defeated the Chiefs 24-3. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Chiefs at Bills odds, predictions, and previews

The Kansas City Chiefs will look to go 9-0 for the first time in 10 years. What’s in their way? The Buffalo Bills.

Aside from their running game, Kansas City has had much help from its defense. Kansas City’s defense ranks 4th in pass defense, and 11th in run defense, according to ESPN.

Lucky for them, they might be playing against a Bills team that won’t have its starting quarterback, again. With EJ Manuel missing the last few weeks due to injury, Thad Lewis has had to step in under center. Well, Lewis was injured on the first play from scrimmage last week, and it seems as though he won’t get the nod to start on Sunday against the Chiefs because of it.

The Bills are also down on running backs, with C.J. Spiller potentially missing time with an injury, and back up Fred Jackson banged up as well. However, Jackson is expected to play. UPDATE: C.J. Spiller is expected to play on Sunday against the Chiefs.

The Chiefs are 3 point favorites to win this match up, but this could be a harder decision to make than some might think. The over under is 40 points, which doesn’t seem unreasonable either.

I like the Chiefs in this match up; I think they will leave Buffalo undefeated. Kansas City’s defense has to be licking their chops for this game, as I think they could score some points for themselves.

Date: November 3

Time: 1:00pm EST

Location: Buffalo, NY

Stadium: Ralph Wilson Stadium

TV Info: CBS

Line: Kansas City -3

Prediction: Chiefs 27, Buffalo 20


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  • Mark Bustamante

    I’m hoping for a Win!!! 9-0 would b great! To win they need no turnovers few if any penalties and the offense MUST SHOW UP

  • DXW

    3rd week in a row playing against a team’s backup or 3rd string QB… This is getting to be funny.

    Prediction: Chief’s win by 3 in a tough battle that comes down to a mistake by the Bills in the last 2 minutes.

    • chiefridgy

      You’re high!

      • DXW

        Not at the moment.

        Do you see it differently, even after their less than spectacular showing the last couple weeks?

        One of two things is going to happen with KC. Either they will kick it into another gear so they will be able to compete with Denver and make a realistic run for the west, or they will keep playing the way they’ve been playing, which seems to work great against terrible teams and 3rd string QB’s, but won’t work against elite teams. This Buffalo game is their final warm up before they have to put on their big boy pants and play against actual opponents.

        • Tra Tha Chief

          Tony Romo, Eli Manning, & Michael Vick aren’t top tier Quarterbacks???? Look past your bias and actual look at the teams we played please don’t look at their record we have beat multiple talented quarterbacks and have shut everyone of them down…. and the chiefs will step up their game do you think they would use all of their tricks in their bag against these last couple of opponents we have been playing. no, we are saving them for Denver and San Diego…. get those four wins and we get home field advantage in the playoffs those are the wins that will matter the most….

          • DXW

            No, they aren’t. None of the QB’s you listed are in the same category as Drew Brees, Aaron Rogers, or Peyton Manning. Maybe Eli, but he’s more of a product of the teams he’s been on. These QB’s you listed are all on average teams.

            I’m not saying the Chiefs suck. Obviously that’s not true. All I’m saying is that they haven’t been tested enough to be called one of the best teams in the league. It’s pretty clear that the last half of their season is going to be quite a bit different for them than the first half. You know when the Onion makes fun of your schedule, something isn’t right.

            I’ve seen people say that Andy Reid is holding back and waiting to unleash his real offense when they play Denver, but that’s just absurd. I think what you’re saying is that he has a couple trick plays up his sleeve, like a flea-flicker or a fake punt, and I think you might be right. He’d be smart to have them since he has little chance of keeping up with Denver offensively, and he’ll probably need gimmick plays to stay in the game.

            I’m sorry, but Denver is just too good this year. The only way they lose is if they beat themselves. They beat themselves in Indy, so it could happen, but for it to happen against the Chiefs, KC will have to play at a level they haven’t come close to reaching this year. Maybe if the defense scored a few touchdowns on turnovers, and the offense was able to score a few more, them maybe… But I’d be surprised. With no offense, the Chiefs aren’t much of a threat. I think they’re good enough to split the series with SD, but Denver will sweep the AFC West again this year.

            There have been times watching Denver steamroll past teams where I’ve actually thought it just wasn’t fair to the other teams. The scary thing is, Denver hasn’t put together a complete game yet. They’ve been playing sloppy football all season. If they can put together a full game and stop the dumb mistakes and turnovers, they will be totally unstoppable.

          • Tra Tha Chief

            Okay you listed the top three quarterbacks in the league lol…. those other quarterbacks are top ten sorry to break it to ya…. Denver has played 6 of the 8 teams Kansas city has played…. Denver, new Orleans, and Seattle have all played a total schedule of below .500. The only difference is Kansas City is the team with zero losses…. You must not watch any of the games and only watch sportscenter highlights to get your info on Kansas city. We average 25 points a game its not like we are the worst scoring offense in the league…. Did you know Alex Smith has more fantasy points than rg3, colin Kapernick, and tom brady, has more total touchdowns than Andrew luck, and the rest of those quarterbacks as well…. he also has 250 yards rushing to go with his 1900 yards passing…. We have an offense sorry to break it to you…. Along with Jamaal Charles leading the nfl in total yards from scrimmage= Offense…. We will beat Denver the exact same way the COLTS BEAT DENVER not Denver gave away the game…. and that’s stop manning by the applied pressure since we lead the lead in sacks and then run the clock and own the time of possession, which we lead the league in…. the truth of the matter is Denver hasn’t even come close to playing a defense of our caliber and we have played high power offenses so that doesn’t scare the chiefs… we have played the eagles, cowboys, the giants, all of these teams can put up 30 points on any given day and what did we do to them, the giants only got 7 points, the cowboys 16, and the eagles only got 16 as well…. the last point is Denver has no defense and no oline and this has shown in every game this year…. the teams both have faced have been able to score on Denver with ease and Denver has struggled to pull away unlike the chiefs…. the chiefs have controlled every game they have played this year and when you are up you don’t open up your play book…. so I am not talking about freaking trick plays that is an immature way of looking at what I said…. we have been using our 4th string tight end in 6 out of the 8 games due to injuries which also has shortened our play book….(1st string TE is back now) I am talking about really opening up the play book with different sets that Denver wont have film on. I am talking about aggressive defensive sets we haven’t had to deploy because we haven’t needed the big play we kind of got a glimpse of it during the Texans game when we lined up tamba hali and Justin Houston on the same side of the field and it was unstoppable for the couple of plays we did it…. We don’t have tricks up our selves we have a playbook yet to be explored due to the situations we have been in and the injures that we have had to a vital position. Our TE which is A.Smiths favorite target btw is back…. our defense is ready for anything any team throws at it…. Denver’s offense has been stopped by the colts mediocre defense for three full quarters and you don’t think a defensive unit with 5 probowlers on it can stop it…. Houston, Hali, D.Johnson, E.berry, and D.Poe will wreck havoc both games. I am more scared of San Diego than I am of the Broncos…. And that’s because Rivers has been throwing the ball 2 seconds or quicker from the snap…. But still this wont be an issue against us either we have three of the top 20 cornerbacks in the league according to PFF with the emergence of Marcus Cooper rated as the 5th best corner in the league as a rookie might I add and our poor man’s darelle revis in brandow flowers, and our version of Brandon browner in Sean smith…. we have the corners to match up with denver’s receiving options we have the antithesis to denvers attack…. SO don’t be surprised when we go into Denver and Hurt all of the columnist and so called experts feelings with a low scoring hard fought win by Kansas city 17-13….

          • Tra Tha Chief

            And By the Way no way they sweep the afc west this year no team will do that everyone in the afc west is too tough and will wear down any team that tries just like the colts already beat the broncos, & the raiders, but lost to San Diego, and they will lose to the Chiefs in arrowhead…. No way Denver sweeps the afc west with their schedule chargers, chiefs, patriots, chiefs, Titans( top ten defense and they were 3-1 when chiefs beat them), Charges, Texans ( best pass defense in the league), raiders…. that is too tough and if you don’t think the charges and the chiefs are the best teams they play the rest of the season then you think they will finish the season 15-1. Sorry buddy this isn’t that team…. and the colts aren’t better than the chiefs and the chargers as well so be ready to be in for some upsetting games….

          • DXW

            So, you’re going to be pretty shocked when Denver puts up 30+ points on the Chiefs and beats them twice in three weeks. I don’t see how you can be so positive about KC’s defense after they’ve struggled against two QB’s that are barely good enough to start for college teams. Oh well, you’ll see soon enough. And I’m sure you’ll have excuses ready to go.

            Look, you’re obviously doing a lot of wishful thinking here, and with comments like this: “Denver with ease and Denver has struggled to pull away unlike the chiefs…” You obviously haven’t been paying attention to how dominating Denver is this year, or how much KC has struggled against truly awful teams. That’s fine. Nothing wrong with being a fan and overlooking flaws that are obvious to other people who aren’t caught up in the red and gold sea of Super Bowl hopes and dreams. And honestly, after last year, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the… aw, you get it. After all those losing seasons, I don’t blame you for being excited. It’s an exciting time right now for you guys, and it’ll probably continue into the Chief’s by-week. After that, though… sorry.

            We can go back and forth if you’d like and throw our biases around, but we both know it won’t matter until after the games are played. And while it’s fun to speculate, there’s only so much I can say before I start repeating myself.

            I will certainly be around after the KC game. I hope all you guys will be too.

          • Tra Tha Chief

            Yep all of those years you are talking by the way three years ago we won the afc west I’ve been around supporting the chiefs…. That wont Change…. You barely put up 30 against the colts if it wasn’t for garbage time…. When I say struggle to pull away I am talking about the strengths of the teams in context…. The Broncos have a high powered offense and that should show in every quarter of the game…. the chiefs have a Powerful defense and that should show in every quarter of the game…. You struggled to pull away from the jaguars it took you til half way through the 3rd quarter to begin to see your amazing offense pull away… mean while against the jaguars from the opening snap we absolutely murdered them we played to our strengths which is Great defense they didn’t make it past the 50 yard line until two minutes left in the 4th quarter and the only scored they had was a safety…. So we pulled away from a team from the start using our strength when you weren’t able to do it for 3 and half quarters… you get where im going with this… I have watched every chiefs game and every Broncos games…. So I know what I am talking about… The giants a team the chiefs smacked and shut down for the entire game with only giving up 7 points was not the same dominance for the broncos… The broncos struggled against one of the worse teams in the league for three quarters again being only up by 1 at halftime and by 8 the start of the 4th and again we are talking about our strengths in this game for 3+ quarters we did not see denvers strengths meanwhile with the chiefs you seen our defense our strength overpower the other team…. the raiders game was a dominant performance for both teams…. Same with the eagles game…. The cowboys game you seen both of our teams strength come into play… we shut them down in our game while your broncos out scored them, in the process giving up 500 passing yards and getting lucky with an interception in the last 2 minutes meanwhile Kansas city controlled the whole game stopped romo on countless occasion and the only reason why the game was as close as it was because of two deep balls the whole game that were completed…. Kansas city displayed a more dominant win than the broncos giving up so many yards that is not what a superbowl team does or a playoff team for that matter…. The cowboys put up 32 more points on you than the chiefs…. The colts game you were getting beat 33-17 for three quarters…. So your strength didn’t show here whatsoever and your weakness was glaring (defense)…. against again a mediocre at best defense…. And again with 2-6 Washington you were down 21-14 entering into the 4th quarter so your strength didn’t show for three quarters…. That’s living life on the edge and showing many scary traits of failing when it comes to crunch time….The Texans game you are talking about the chiefs lead the entire game and played to our strength and that’s let our defense shut the team down which they did and btw we kneeled the ball with 1 minute 50 seconds remaining on Houstons 1 yard line so that game wasn’t as close as many people think it was…. btw we held their team to 60 yards rushing one of the best rushing attacks in the league…. The same with the Browns game you are talking about we were up 24-10 at half time the team tried to make a run and was shut down…. We closed the play book and held the ball not run a no huddled to rack up the score…. We have been a better or more dominant team in every game….. just when we get the lead we run the clock out…. if a team attempts a run we shut it down…. The browns did exactly what the chargers are doing and that was throw the ball quick so our pass rush wouldn’t get to them…. But it still failed we shut down their team to score 1 field goal and 2 touchdown that’s not struggling with a team when we scored just as many touchdowns and 3x the amount of field foals…. and by the way on the road we are averaging 27 points a game while giving up 12 points a game we play better on the road that’s why im not concerned with going into Denver….
            The chiefs have been plague by the same sickness that was killing the broncos for so many years and that was no quarterback. now we both have good quarterbacks and look at the results…. This isnt a stunner the chiefs are this good we Lost 7 games by 8 points or less last year one of those were to Denver just to let you know and that’s with the most turnovers in the league because we had matt cassell who is third on the depth chart in Minnesota and brady Quinn who just got cut from the team he was on…. Chiefs are better than anyone and you give them credit for and you guys can only respect them when you see what they do to your favorite team…. We weren’t even suppose to be in the conversation of the top teams in the AFC and we are now and experts and fans don’t like seeing unpredictable things because it makes them look stupid…. But if you are truly a fan of this game then the chiefs getting wins against these teams they have played shouldn’t be such a huge surprise… and wishful thinking lol wishful thinking is thinking you can give up 30 points a game and win a superbowl…. name a team who has ever done that…. no one…. the closest was your qb again and the colts but they only gave up 22.5…. and before that your Denver broncos and Elway but again it wasn’t nothing nearly than what you guys are doing this year 19.31…. So I call it how I see and what I see is a team with a high powered offense and zero defense. who has shown signs of getting their offense rolling for 3 quarters in multiple games and lost because of that same exact reason…. I’ve seen a chiefs team smoother every offense it has played and has had the lead in every game its played and who all but one game has lead in the turnover differential category…. That is true dominance not 4th quarter garbage time tds to rack up points while 90 percent of the league would revert to running the ball to milk the clock after being up by more than one score. Of course the offense will continue to put up numbers when they are running a no huddle and the defense would be thinking run and the broncos are passing with 5 minutes left in the game with the game in hand…. I agree the chiefs and the Broncos are the best teams in the best division in football but a better all around team no one can say the chiefs have a worse special teams, defense, or even coaching unit for that matter than the broncos…. the broncos have a better quarterback and receiving corp even our worse unit our oline is better than your beat up oline…. the chiefs are a better football team…. Its like Oregon vs Alabama who’d win? everyone knows Alabama would predicated on its defense and run game with an adequate thrower not a no huddle gimmick offense who puts up high numbers…. And im in Oregon so not southern bias here…. Its the same situation with these two teams but like I said will just have to wait to find out in two and half weeks…. ……Man I wish CBS didn’t own the rights to the game so it could get pushed back to the night game….

          • Jim bernard

            Great response! That dude is bronco blowing weirdo

        • jacati

          Kinda like your boys beating up on that ” Elite 1-5 Washington team ” last week. From what I could tell when you played a team with a winning record ( Colts ) you didn’t come out so good.

        • Larry Devore

          deal with it. broncs haven’t played anyone really good either. Colts are just about it. Donkeys played the same teams as KC. Eagles,Giants,Jags,Raiders, your schedule hasn’t been the toughest either.

    • Jim bernard

      Here you go again, blowing the broncs, you truly are a weird person

  • Aaron Martin

    Tired of all the talk about the Chiefs getting the teams without their starting quarterbacks and that’s why we are winning. All the Chiefs fans really know that their QB’s are just too scared of our dominating D!!! Haha.

  • chas territo

    You know if bad Miami can beat the Bengals, we can beat the Chiefs! Why not, they have good, but not great aspects to their team, Defense, mainly. They keep getting ranked in the top 5, does anyone besided me think it’s deserved?

    • jacati

      There are no for sure wins in the NFL. On any given Sunday,any team can win. There are upsets all the time. As far as the ranking goes I’d say they’ve done more than enough to deserve it. It’s a team game and it takes a complete team effort to pull out a W each and every week. There is no doubt the Chiefs have far exceeded expectations this year.

    • Tra Tha Chief

      Great running back and 5 to 6 probowlers on defense that’s a great squad…. I believe the bills will be tough but chiefs are no Bengals my friend we attack the offense force turnovers second in the league and lead the league in sacks and your oline and qb won’t be ready for us….