Two key indicators suggest Chiefs are legitimate

Oct 27, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs mascot WarPaint is ridden on the field after a score during the game against the Cleveland Browns at Arrowhead Stadium. The Chiefs won 23-17. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs are undefeated, but have received a significant amount of criticism due to their schedule.  Even The Onion got in on the action to make fun of their schedule.  As head coach Andy Reid put it, they are not competing for Miss America.  It does not need to be pretty, but they just need to keep winning.  There are two things that make the Chiefs look significantly less fluky with just how well they have played; their defense and their point differential.

The Chiefs have the best defense in the NFL, bar none.  They might give up some points in some games including two games against the Denver Broncos, but their ability to pressure the quarterback and cause turnovers is not going away.  The Chiefs have 36 sacks as a team and have caused 20 turnovers (10 fumble recoveries and 10 interceptions).  They have stars at every level of the defense with Dontari Poe, Derrick Johnson, Justin Houston, Tamba Hali, Brandon Flowers, and Eric Berry and finding a weakness is not easy.  The Chiefs rank 4th in passing defense, 11th in run defense and are 1st in points given up per game.  The most points they have given up in one game is 17; that happened twice.

Their offense is not great but it does not have to be as long as that defense keeps working.  They can run the ball and make enough plays to win and usually win comfortably.  Eight games into the season, the Chiefs have the second highest point differential in the NFL at +94.  The only team that has a larger one is their division rival, the Broncos at +125.  No one is questioning how dominant the Broncos are because of the amount of points they can score but their defense is not all that great.  The Chiefs are just going the opposite way.

People can criticize the Chiefs all they want, but they currently possess a one game lead over the Broncos and if they can win that division, they could have home field throughout the playoffs and Arrowhead Stadium is as potent a home field advantage as there is in the NFL.  Going into the second half of the year with an 8-0 record makes it hard to imagine they will not make the playoffs, but the difference between winning the AFC West and getting the wildcard could mean the difference between the first seed and the fifth seed.  The criticism of the Chiefs are not going away, but neither is that defense and that point differential is outstanding.

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  • DXW

    For having the best defense “bar none”, they sure gave up a lot of ground to the Texans and Browns and their 3rd string QB’s… HA HA HA.

    I swear, after all these years you’d think people would refrain from predicting success for the Chiefs until they get closer to the end of the season. It never turns out well. And to do it now, right before the chiefs start facing good teams for the first time this year, is just begging to look stupid.

    Chiefs finish 11-5 and lose in the wildcard round.

    Now that’s a realistic prediction.

    • jacati

      8-0 …. Sitting alone at top of the AFC West….HA HA HA HA

      • DXW

        Yep, when the season ends, you can always say, “Hell Yeah! We were 8-0!”

        • jacati

          Don’t be bitter. 2nd place in the division isn’t the end of the world…

          • DXW

            Keep that in mind when the season ends. It’ll help.

    • Kansas City Rob

      Ha ha you’re funny. Agreed winning the division will be tough, but 3-5 to finish the season is giving what has been done thus far gives zero credit to this team. I am holding any judgement till they have played the Donkeys twice, then the writing WILL be on the wall. Of note the first matchup is after a Chiefs bye week. I expect a great game.

      • DXW

        “I am holding any judgement till they have played the Donkeys twice…”

        Very smart.

        I wouldn’t discount the Chargers, either. I don’t think they’re nearly as weak as people think. Second place in the AFC West is going to be a battle between the Chiefs and the Chargers, but the chiefs should come out on top of SD and snag the wildcard slot based on how they started the season. The Chargers usually get better later in the season, but with two losses to Denver and at least one loss to the chiefs, they’ll finish 9-7.

        The Chiefs look like a paper tiger now, but no one knows for sure until they’re tested. Still, even if they are living high on an easy schedule, I can’t imagine them finishing worse than 10-6.

        • jacati

          Wait a sec. I thought you guys already had second place wrapped up. Are you implying that the chargers could actually give the broncos a run on second place. That would create serious problems with you guys getting a wild card spot. I don’t think that would happen but you never know. With parity in the NFL,it’s pretty hard to win no matter who you’re playing.

          • DXW

            No, I’m going on the assumption that Denver will sweep the AFC west. Sorry if I used too many big words. I thought it was easy to follow. Plus, if you know anything about football and you watch other games than Chief games, it’s kind of a no-brainer that Denver is the best team in the AFC.

            Unless Manning gets hurt, or if they make a bunch of dumb mistakes (which the Chiefs rely on to win), they’ll easily sweep the west. The Chargers might put up a fight next week in SD, but with Denver’s D starting to click and hopefully some injured players returning, it shouldn’t be too tough.

            Word of advice since you’re obviously new to football… Your record in week 8 doesn’t mean all that much. It’s nice to be 8-0, and I realize this is uncharted territory for Chiefs fans, but bragging about it like it’s some kind of big accomplishment, especially considering the fact that they’ve played the worst teams in the league and barely come away with wins, is just going to make you look dumb when they have to play elite teams that aren’t being run by 3rd string QB’s***.

            Hope this helps clear up your confusion.

            ***QB = Quarterback. He’s the guy who takes the ball and hands off to Charles or occasionally throws it down the field in the general direction of KC’s receivers.

          • kcpauly

            Oh yeah that’s right enver onkeys only played one team with a winning record and got beat, but don’t talk about that, cuz the mighty 5head might melt down, you know like he does in the playoffs, you are such and arrogant douche’ nugget
            Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!

          • ……ChiefsFan……

            I love it! “Never”, “on keys”, I’m your comment is missing the “D” just like the ponys.

          • ……ChiefsFan……


          • DXW

            It’s a little early to start drinking, isn’t it?

            Oh wait, you’re a Chief’s fan… All of you guys are meth-head alcoholics who drive Cameros and listen to .38 Special and try to convince your sisters that oral sex isn’t really incest.

            Sorry, I forgot who I was dealing with for a minute.

          • kcpauly

            sounds like you are looking in the mirror moron, like Mark said go to your own site and spew your shit hole, oh wait they probably already kicked you off for being an idiot
            Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!!!!

          • DXW

            Ha… Good comeback, dude.

            Like I told Mark, Fansided isn’t a Chiefs board, it’s a sports board and it covers a lot of different teams. It’s a good place for people like me who like to keep tabs on more than one team… I didn’t think this would be so confusing… I’m a little worried about you guys. Are you okay? Did you hit your head really hard or something, or do you just not pay attention.

            Maybe you should lie down for a while.

          • kcpauly

            Boy you sure are intelligent, you aren’t even smart enough to be a meth-head, you probably snort 5-hour energy and think it’s crank, but that’s ok it worked well enough for you to convince your brother that oral sex isn’t really incest, so ya’ll have fun
            Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • DXW

            Really? You plagiarize my lines and use them to insult me?

            Come on, Paula, you can’t do better than that, can’t you? I know originality is hard, but try to put some effort into it.

          • kcpauly

            you are simply not worth any effort
            Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!!!

          • ……ChiefsFan……

            I’m posting comments from my phone, that’s the reason for the errors in my comment.
            You just don’t know how to interact with other people, do you? Name calling and insults will get you nowhere in life… But, I’m sure you already know that.

            If I were you I wouldn’t count my chickens before they hatch. Manning is one bad game away from retirement. Which could easily be against the Chiefs.

            “Best team ever”? You have got to be kidding me. So far you have the best offense ever, your D is absolute garbage. That’s like me saying the Chiefs are the best team ever, because their D is on pace to break some records too. Let’s face it, your D sucks. The only player that would even suit up for the Chiefs D is Miller, and even then he would just be a situational player.

            Go ahead insult me some more. Prove your intelligence. Prove to me how big of a man you are. Because I’m really impressed by the really smart tough guy hiding behind the anonymity offered by the internet.

            You are a piece of human garbage.

          • DXW

            You mad, Bro?

            Because it seems like you’re really mad.

            I know how you KC fans can get. Just do me a favor and don’t take your frustration out on your husband when you get home. They say domestic abuse rises dramatically when sports are involved, and I’d hate to think that I got under your skin to the point where you decided to slap your man around a little out of frustration.

            The fact you think Von Miller would be a “situational player” on the Chiefs D is either you intentionally being stupid, or you’re so upset that you’ve lost all sense of reality. The Chiefs haven’t had a defensive player of Millers caliber since DT.

            Why don’t you cool off a bit before responding. You’re starting to make a fool out of yourself, and I have a feeling it’s just going to get worse if you keep at it.

            Walk away, bro… walk away.

          • Jim bernard

            Your a weird person

          • DXW

            I’m a weird person what?

            Seriously, is basic grammar that hard for you guys?

          • Kansas City Rob

            Wow!!! What a comment. This is a sports related site, you do realize that? Some advice, slurs alway make the person doing look worse than he person who is being insulted. Second try winning something before spouting off! As far as the Chiefs go, nobody really knows what is in store this season, but I am going to enjoy the ride, if they make the play offs it will have had a great season. Anything less than a Super Bowl and the Broncos will be failures. Manning has sure lost a lot of play off games, yup he owns the record. I really like how the Chiefs D matches up so I guess time will tell.

          • DXW

            Really, insults? And 5th grade insults at that. Tell me if that’s the level of intelligence I’m dealing with here, because I’ve already been in trouble for insulting a mentally challenged Chief’s fan on Arrowhead Addict. I’d hate to go through that again.

            Can you tie your own shoes? Do you wear big boy diapers? Does someone feed you, or are you relatively self-sufficient? Let me know, because there’s not much sport in shooting cripples.

            So, you want to talk about the game where Manning was playing on two injured ankles? I’m happy to talk about that game. They played so poorly that they deserved to lose, and part of me is honestly glad they did. They needed to see that despite being the best team in the history of the NFL (statistically) up to this point, they could still lose, especially when they make dumb mistakes and play sloppy football. Still, it was hardly a blow out… It’s pretty obvious that if the Colts are one of the teams that has to go through Denver in the playoffs, Denver will destroy them.

          • jacati

            Kinda funny how you talk about stats and setting records yet never seem to come up with any” verifiable” facts to back up your rants. What you are outstanding at however is name calling and insulting other people for no other reason than a difference of opinion. That and the fact that the Chiefs are leading the division and THAT pisses you off soo bad that insults and excuses are all you have to fall back on. You really should do your home work before you start spewing your ridiculous venom. That way people won’t think you’re an idiot AND you could have an intelligent social interaction with other sports minded people who read these posts.

          • DXW

            I’m not the slightest bit upset the Chiefs are leading the West. Mainly because I know it won’t last. And I didn’t insult anyone who didn’t insult me first, and you can look at every post I’ve ever put up and see for yourself. The issue here is that KC fans can’t stand anyone who doesn’t believe the Chiefs are a great team, and they try to bully people who call them out as an average team with a weak schedule they’ve barely been able to handle.

            The lesson here is: If you don’t want to be knocked down, don’t be dicks to people who don’t agree with you.

          • jacati

            You really shouldn’t assume anything. You know how far that got you in the playoffs last year..Ouch. And I will agree that you are the best 7-1 team in the AFC right now, well you are the only 7-1 team, but I wouldn’t let that go to your head as we have played basically the same teams you have. The only difference here is we have something you don’t. Balance..You talk about your defense starting to click but if you look at the facts Denvers pass defense is damn near last in the league. Hell, you let the jags put up 19 points on you. Your defense better start clicking a little more. Chiefs are #5 overall while your boys come in at #24. Also, as far as the “dumb mistakes ( which the Chiefs rely on to win)” those other teams don’t make mistakes. Our defense causes them. Word of advice,since you obviously don’t know much about football, you better hope with all of your assuming little homer might that nothing happens to Manning because if it does your season is done. P.S. I’m not bragging about 8-0. It’s a fact. Just in case you forgot… Oh yeah, And just to clear up your confusion Manning would be that guy that the rest of the team relies on for wins because without him there is NOBODY else…. Have a nice day

          • DXW

            Sorry, still laughing about the “those other teams don’t make mistakes” line… Good one.

            re balance? KC has no offense… NONE. That alone will keep them out of a deep playoff run. And let’s face it, KC’s defense looks good against the Jags, but it hasn’t been tested yet. Sad but true. I know you’d like to pretend that the Browns and the Texans were great teams and a real challenge, but come on… you know better than that, right?

            The Denver D is getting healthy again, Von Miller is back, and last week they destroyed the #4 offense in the NFL. You can talk about the Dallas game and the Jags game when the defense was without 7 starters if you’d like, but much like the Chiefs 8-0 record, it means nothing going forward. Denver’s D was designed to assault the QB and force quick throws. They’ve been unable to do that without Miller. Now that he’s back, the D is starting to show itself. They were top 5 last year, and they’re more talented this year, so I’m not too worried.

            Denver will easily put up 30+ points on the Chiefs… EASILY. KC has no offense, they’ll be lucky to put up 14.

          • jacati

            yeah, way to go beating the 1-5 redskins. That is one tough team Statistically on defense they rate right up there with you guys. As far as being #4 on offense I can see you haven’t done your home work again. As usual.

    • Roc

      Somebody forgot to take their nap after arts and crafts today

    • Mark Truman

      How many failed arguments do you have to lose to get it through your head that you are annoying and not wanted here by either party and just wasting your time. This will be the last time I message you because I actually have real world things to do and don’t sit on Fansided all day starting arguments. If you want the last word then have at it but you didn’t “win” anything everyone is just tired of dealing with the shit an 8 year old rights on here.

      • DXW

        “everyone is just tired of dealing with the shit an 8 year old rights on here.”

        Rights? Really?

        Even when I was eight I knew the difference between right and write.

        Nice try pretending to be a Broncos fan, Mark, but I’m afraid you gave yourself away with that one.

        • Mark Truman

          Ah ahah man you really must be at your end with that lame spelling comeback.

          • DXW

            Yeah, it’s been a busy week.

  • Mark Bustamante

    I love CHIEFS HATERS. All they do is give bulletin fodder for the UNDEFEATED CHIEFS!! I know the season is 16 games long. I know the Broncos and Chargers play good football. I know that the Chiefs are coming into the most difficult part of their season. I know most people don’t respect the Chiefs. I know the Chiefs will give 200% every game. Let them play the game and if they win by 1 point or 100 who cares. As long as they play well! They’re way better than last year and I’m happy as hell for that! GO CHIEFS!!!!

    • jacati

      Nuthin but love brother…Love me some Chiefs

    • Jim bernard

      Absolutely! F the haters

  • Mark Bustamante

    Hey DWX go post on your teams site because we here in CHIEFS NATION don’t give a rats ass what haters have to say!!!!

    • DXW

      This isn’t a Chief’s board. It’s Fansided. It’s a sports board.

      If you want to surround yourself with the Kool-aid drinkers, go to Arrowhead Addict. That’s a Chief’s board, and they’ll welcome you with open arms as long as you buy into the myth.

      • kcpauly

        But we still don’t give a shit what a moronic hater troll like you say
        Go Chiefs!!!!!!

      • DTVTechGuy

        The Bronco juice your drinking every time you talk is just as tiresome. Suck Elway’s sac all you want… But stop being a hypocrit. JA.

        • DXW

          Classy and unable to spell simple words… Yep, a Chief’s fan.

          • DTVTechGuy

            And here we have a typical moron ladies and gentlemen. So unable to respond in an intelligent fashion that he doesn’t nothing more than focus on a typo. You have no words and no thoughts on how to defend yourself or rebuke a simple, fact based rebuttal of your bullshit that your resort to pointing out a typo as an indication of intelligence or thought.

            Your dumb. You lack originality. You should try getting some pussy or hanging with a friend. The level of conversation and thought it requires to hang with the adults is beyond you. Good luck in life, minimum wage and your parent’s basement awaits.

            You succeeded in silencing me DXW… I have nothing more to say to a child, up way past his bed time, two finger typing on a pilfered IPad.

            Have a blast responding. I won’t read it.

          • DXW

            Yeah… It’s interesting that you’re the second person who used my possible use of an iPad as an insult. Why is that? Is there something wrong with iPads, or did you just see the other person say it and decide to plagiarize him? I have an iPad, but I’m not using it at the moment. I think it’s pretty cool for games and email, though.


            I’m not surprised you’re not reading this post. I’m sure it’s hard to follow along. If it helps, I’ll paint a picture for you of my response. If you look carefully, you might be able to read between the lines and figure out just how much your opinion matters to me… Ready? Ok, imagine me standing in front of you holding my hand in your face like it was a puppet and yelling BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BALH…

            Can you see it? Do you understand now how little I care about you or your opinion?


            P.S. – You misspelled your again. Maybe this will help you in the future:

      • Mark Truman

        Is this really how you spend your nights man? Insulting opposing fans? Sorry guys I’m a real Broncos fan and we don’t act like him. This is just the rare idiot you see from time to time. Congrats on the well deserved 8-0. I can’t wait for the great games to come. Again I apologize for this imbecile.

        • DXW

          Don’t apologize for me, dipshit.

          Here’s what you missed. I didn’t start this beat down. All I did was post that I didn’t think the Chiefs were anything but the same old Chiefs we see every year, and they’ll be lucky to get a wildcard slot. That touched a nerve and these “fans” let lose with a flurry of insults, which I wasn’t about to take. The fact I destroyed them might make me look like the bad guy here, but I never insulted anyone who didn’t insult me first.

          I’ll let you slide because you’re obviously a spineless bandwagon fan (if you’re a fan at all) who came on board with Manning. You’ll be gone in a couple years when he leaves, and that makes you totally irrelevant.

          • Mark Truman

            You don’t know who you’re dealing with mate. First off you’re an idiot for starting an argument with another bronco fan and second I’ve lived in Colorado Springs my whole life. You sound like a 15 year old who is borrowing his moms iPad. Oh and trust me, you didn’t destroy them. I was even biased to your side but you got royally destroyed. Get some class before you graduate high school alright? You’ll need it.

          • DXW

            I started it??? You’re the clown who opened his mouth and started in on me, not to mention sticking up for Chief fans of all people. If you’re really a Bronco fan, you should be ashamed of yourself. What the hell are you thinking?

            As far as being “biased” to my side… don’t lie. The fact you think these morons destroyed me by copying my posts and basically saying, “I know you are but what am I?” is ridiculous.

            Just because you’re from the springs doesn’t mean you’re a Bronco fan, and it’s pretty obvious you’re not. I grew up in Manitou and there was always some idiot in Raiders or Chiefs gear wandering around trying to be rebellious. I’m sure that’s where you fit in. Actually, I take that back. You’re probably more of an east side guy, hanging out at the mall. Maybe even one of those Focus on the Family nut jobs.

            Either way, grow a spine and try a dose of loyalty, or just keep your mouth shut and mind your own business.

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