Aug 29, 2013; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins defensive end Dion Jordan on the bench in a game against the New Orleans Saints in the fourth quarter at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

The Dolphins’ invisible man, Dion Jordan

The Miami Dolphins traded up from the 12th pick in the NFL draft to move up to 3rd pick to get Dion Jordan out of Oregon at the cost of a second round pick.  There was a great deal of criticism at the time because the Dolphins could have selected a left tackle.  When the trade happened at the time of the draft, many thought the Dolphins were moving up to select Lane Johnson from Oklahoma to do just that, but took Jordan while Johnson went to the Philadelphia Eagles with the following pick.  Halfway into his rookie season, Jordan has just 8 solo tackles and one sack, which happened in the first game of the season against the Cleveland Browns.

While his athletic ability and potential was overhyped in the NFL Draft, something the Miami Dolphins clearly bought, Jordan was a project.  He had a lot of technical issues coming out of Oregon and really did not have a position.  Jordan was a one trick pony who won with speed on the outside, struggled to take on blocks and still had a lot to figure out as a player.

The problem for the Dolphins is their problems at left tackle are real.  After initially trying to put Jonathan Martin there, who has struggled and is currently going through an unfortunate personal situation, the Dolphins were forced to bring in Bryant McKinnie to try and stabilize the position.  That is not working.  The Dolphins have a second year quarterback in Ryan Tannehill in which they are trying to make sure he succeeds.  Having a problematic offensive line makes that success difficult.

In the defense of the Dolphins, Johnson has had his share of troubles in Philadelphia and that not been an instant success either, but nevertheless, that choice looks questionable initially.  Jordan could develop into a franchise pass rusher and people will forget about this move, but for the moment, with the last 7 games and virtually no impact whatsoever from Jordan, it puts the move square in the forefront.  The Dolphins have a week and a half to prepare to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and get back over .500 to start the second half of the season.

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  • Carlos

    No impact from Jordan ??? He has made critical plays most of the times he’s been on the field, he has rushed QB’s, spiked balls and cover TE’s extremely well specially if you take into account he’s been hardly on the field, according to the coaching staff he’s lack of playing time is not “earned” because of his problems on practice, and judging this coaching staff and their record with other players, I wouldn’t be surprised his “problems” are their recurrent problems at judging and developing talent. A whole lot of players have played much much better with other teams than with this coaching staff.

    • Derek Gabriel

      The person who wrote this clearly hasn’t watched Dion Jordan play in the limited number of snaps he’s had this season. If I were a coach at Miami he’d be starting over Olivier Vernon at RDE. And I’d have numerous special defensive packages to get Wake, Jordan, & Vernon on the filed at the same time. This is just another instance of this coaching staff making bone-headed decisions. Look at how Lamar Miller has barely gotten more carries than Daniel Thomas. Feed Miller the ball enough times & he will break one eventually. He’s proven that. While Thomas has NEVER broken one, ever. It’s the same staff who is not creative enough to use Reggie Bush to get his maximum output.

      • Carlos

        I hear you man, I also find it extremely frustrating how easy other teams picks up Miami’s boring blitz packages as each game goes on considering the amount of talent we have on DE’s and DT’s.

        Mixing it up and being creative is a must in today’s NFL for any coaching staff specially when you secondary is getting beat. Another big flaw on this coaching staff is tackling, I haven’t seen another team do as many arm tackles as our defense, they simply can’t hold any player down, not even to get them off balance.