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Tom Brady says he used to egg houses during Halloween

Tip for you youngsters out there hoping to one day grace the gridiron – throwing eggs at homes on Halloween is a great way to build up skills up to NFL level.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, though, it’s something New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady used to do during Halloween’s in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the signal caller grew up.

Brady, in an interview on Patriots.com suggested that he not only used to egg houses, but also toilet paper them as a mischievous little kid.

Q: What was Halloween like in your neighborhood growing up?

TB: It was great. We had the perfect block for it. Now, my parents, they probably open the door at four o’clock and they don’t get a chance to close it until 10 o’clock at night so it was a great neighborhood to grow up [in].

Q: Did you have a favorite candy?

TB: You know the people who give the full-size bars, those are the best. The worst is like the raisins and [stuff] like that. You want the candy.

Q: Did you ever egg a house?

TB: Yes. We egged, we TP’ed houses. We never ghosted, that’s a new thing I guess.

I’m starting to wish I would have went trick-or-treating with Brady back in the day.

And full-size bars are the best.

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