Auburn Tigers’ Anthony Swain with the most ridiculous flop you’ll ever see vs. Arkansas

Aug 31, 2013; Auburn, AL, USA; Auburn Tigers Trovon Reed (1), Ryan Smith (24), Anthony Swain (43) and Tre Mason (21) enter the field at Jordan Hare Stadium for the game against the Washington State Cougars. The Tigers beat the Cougars 31-24. Mandatory Credit: John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

The Auburn Tigers are currently taking care of business in their SEC West showdown against the Arkansas Razorbacks, as they lead the ball game 35-17 in the fourth quarter.

This game had a lot of significance coming in, due to the brewing rivalry between the head coaches, Arkansas’ Bret Bielema and Auburn’s Gus Malzahn.

That rivalry began back at SEC Media Days when Bielema expressed his disdain for fast-paced offenses, something that Malzhan is known for and something that has turned the Auburn program around this season.

But on the subject of fast-paced offenses, one way that some teams combat those are by telling their defensive players to feign injuries. This cuts the tempo down a bit and gives the defense a breather.

That’s exactly what we saw in this game, except not from the team you’d expect.

While the Razorbacks were driving, Auburn’s Anthony Swain took it upon himself to go down “injured.” Although, as you can tell, I’m not quite sure that anything is wrong with him:


Or, there’s a sniper inside Razorback Stadium that someone might want to look into….

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  • America’s New Path

    I’m an Auburn fan, but this is ridiculous. NCAA football needs to outlaw this ridiculousness and toss players that do this.

    • Sadface

      Nice to see someone calling it like it is.

  • Cody Kemp

    Ive been told by my cousin who goes to auburn he did the same thing the last couple days in practice he been having issues with his knee since an injury in spring drills

    • Sadface

      My cousin told me that you are dumb.

      • Cody Kemp

        Hey sadface i would love to know how im dumb im just relaying a message im a bama fan lmao. I hate auburn!!

    • America’s New Path

      Like I said above, I’ve had multiple injuries playing multiple sports and your cousin might be right, but this was acting. When I first saw the video, I thought that his knee failed. My left knee still does this after multiple corrective surgeries. It just gives out sometimes. I can be walking, standing, or running and it’s like my knee just powers down before surging back.

      Only problem is that the video above doesn’t show a knee fail. It shows a guy who prepares to fall. Does so and then rolls around pulling his knee into his thigh. Again…you don’t pull an injured knee into your thigh with both hands. It would be like finding yourself with a hot knife in your gut and deciding to twist it around (tearing my ACL actually did feel like I had a hot iron in my knee). The most I ever touched an injured knee was to push my patella back into place (twice). After that, the leg remained prone until the trainers got to me and even then I had to struggle not to punch them while they manipulated my leg.

      This is a fake.

      War Eagle!(…but don’t do this again)

  • David Dees

    I admit this looks bad but he had been having knee problems and was even holding his knee the play before. He had a shooting pain and fell to the ground. Had to wear a knee brace after the game so quit rushing to conclusions until you get the facts!

    • Sadface

      Facts? Wtf. They put a knee brace in him because they were embarrassed for the organization.

      None of what you’ve said here can even remotely be construed as “facts”.

    • America’s New Path

      Maybe so, but if you look at the video of his fall, you can clearly see him looking towards the bench. Had a camera been pointed at the Auburn sideline, I have no doubt that you’d see an Asst. Coach signal him to fall.

      Also…and I’m speaking as a guy who has suffered multiple knee injuries playing sport (the LAST and I mean the LAST) thing that you do when you have a knee injury is grab your knee and pull it into your thigh. ACL. MCL, sprain, strain, dislocated patella, busted patella, torn meniscus…it doesn’t matter the injury, you don’t grab the kneed and pull on it. Watch guys that actually do injure their knee…they don’t touch their knee BECAUSE IT HURTS LIKE HELL. This is clearly acting and it’s not very good.

      I love Auburn. It’s a family tradition, but this is crap.