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Philadelphia Flyers need to fire Paul Holmgren (in case you hadn't noticed)

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The Philadelphia Flyers are 4-9-0 and seem to find new ways to sabotage themselves every time they get positive things going for themselves. While there’s no doubt that there are some talented players on this team, is this the correct combination to move forward with?

While there’s no need to strip the franchise of top-end players like Claude Giroux, there’s zero reason to not shake things up a bit at this point. This squad missed the playoffs in 2013 and is now four years removed from an appearance in the Stanley Cup Final. For whatever reason, that team was dismantled and didn’t make it beyond the second round in two consecutive seasons.

That lead to the outright miss last year, and now the mess that is the 2013-14 season. Would it be shocking to see this franchise shake things up after trending in the wrong direction since 2009-10?

The time has just about run out on Paul Holmgren. Fans are chanting for his head during games, and he’s more or less run the Flyers into his ground with his rash moves that never quite seem to hit the mark.

Outside of the Jeff Carter and Mike Richards deals that have flat out backfired, Holmgren botched the Ilya Bryzgalov contract, bought out Daniel Briere only to replace him with more aging and fading assets, and now the Flyers are paying top dollar to be one of the worst teams in the league.

How he has a job is mind boggling. Firing Holmgren is your first step toward respectability, let alone relevancy. There’s no vision here. Not any more.

Whether it’s Ron Hextall that takes his place or not, the team clearly needs a new direction. Whatever idea Holmgren had for the Flyers hasn’t worked. We’re not sure what other kind of evidence Philadelphia is waiting for before pulling the trigger on the GM gig, but a monkey throwing darts at a dart board could make more cohesive decisions for the Flyers from here on out.

Philadelphia is trying to get back on the rails, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see them start to move some assets around. It shouldn’t be Holmgren doing the shuffling any more.

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