Nov 3, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray (29) runs with the ball against Minnesota Vikings safety Mistral Raymond (41) at AT

Cowboys still looking for balance on offense

The Dallas Cowboys set a career low in rushing on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings, who have the 11th ranked run defense in the league. The Cowboys rushed nine times total for 36 yards, which includes a scramble from quarterback Tony Romo.

“You’d certainly like to have more balance than that, obviously,” coach Jason Garrett said. “We’ll keep striving for that. We did run the ball a little bit fairly well early on. DeMarco looked like he was going to have a good day, but as it wore on there were some minus runs that happened that got us behind the sticks a little bit. Hard for us to get into a rhythm.”

DeMarco Murray, who was returning from a knee sprain, rushed four times for 31 yards. Murray had complained about the lack of balance on offense after the loss to the Kansas City Chiefs earlier this season. In that game he rushed 12 times for 25 yards and the Cowboys had a total of 37 yards rushing. He wasn’t ready to complain this time.

“Yeah, yeah, but hey we won and we were effective in the passing game,” Murray said.

Quarterback Tony Romo tried to explain the reasoning.

“A few times they got us,” Romo said. “We had called a few more runs but it was difficult with the way, their defense is predicated on that, showing you a safety down or a blitz look and then, boom, getting out. It makes it difficult if you have a couple of that stuff called.”

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  • SmartThinking

    Now that Waters is gone you can pretty much throw balance out the window. Waters was the rock. His seasoned discipline meant a lot more to this offensive line than just his ability to hold off a blocker. Free and Frederick both admit Waters showed them how to play with crisp discipline and sharp, quick movement. Free’s penalty yesterday was from a lack of crisp play and he got behind. It cost the team as a result. Bearnadeau’s penalties were because he played from behind all day and the defense caught him more than once. From the day Waters stepped foot on the Dallas field the offensive line improved. Now that he’s out, the line just looks sloppy and slow — just a few weeks before three of the most critical games on the Cowboy’s schedule this season. Balance isn’t gonna happen with this team this season because no running back can get going when the defense is in the Dallas backfield before Romo can even hand the ball off. That means Romo throws if this team wants to gain yards. It’s the nature of this team with its current make up. Just be glad Romo can throw and there are eight or nine receivers who can catch on this team.