Oct 28, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito (68) and New York Jets linebacker Aaron Maybin (51) scuffle during the third quarter at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Incognito to be cut according to sources close to Dolphins

In light of the evidence that is increasing coming to light in regards to the Jonathan Martin situation with the Miami Dolphins and specifically the part Richie Incognito played, sources close to the Dolphins are saying that the team plans to cut ties with Incognito.  The team has already suspended Incognito and now the evidence is mounting that Incognito has not only been a huge part of what is being called bullying in regards to Martin that may have crept into pressuring Martin and other young players into spending their money to pay for their lifestyle, but Incognito in particular has been found to have sent insults to Martin that have included racist remarks.

This situation which has been bad appears to be finding every possible way to get even worse.  Incognito has been referred to as a leader within the Dolphins locker room and part of a huge culture problem there.  If he is a leader and he was this bad, what else is going on there.  It is unclear just how deep this rabbit hole goes, but there is a far more disturbing issue at work.

If this was all happening up until this point, how long would it have been allowed to occur if it was not brought to light by the media investigating the issue in light of the fact that Martin left the team.  And had Martin been willing to put up with it, would this have been found out at all?  The answers to these questions are unclear but there are going to be a significant number of questions pointed at general manager Jeff IrelandJoe Philbin and anyone else that could be close to the situation.  Everything that is happening now seems to be reaction to pressure from the story rather than a team being proactive to a big problem.  Many of the actions being made now could end up being too little, too late and could come at the cost of jobs of officials for the organization.  The team led by majority owner Stephen Ross has had a murky cloud over them for years and this situation only makes that cloud that much darker and could lead to significant problems for the Dolphins in the future.

Specifically as it relates to Incognito, he likely becomes too toxic for any team to touch.  This situation could likely end his career in the NFL and could dog him for years in whatever field he tries to go from here.

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  • captaindandan


    ___URP!! Yep, it’s me and Mark Sachchez writing you again.

    Alright pundits and liberals: A couple months back the press wanted to excoriate Riley Cooper for saying ONE g.d N-word. Cooper was drunk and had an audience which ‘adds to the fun of acting macho’.

    Here’s this Incognito fella who N-word Pouncey bro., N-word his running back, F– this and F– that.

    He ought to be tested for

    A) DRUGS
    B) Epilepsy / Tourette Syndrome—sound funny to you? Well, I have
    Tourette Syndrome and nobody wants to be around me, I fly off the
    handle screaming cursing against the ones I supposedly love.

    I’m divorced 2 x, bankrupted 2 x.

    This guy needs some time on a couch with a counselor / doctor who will do MORE than hand
    him calm-down pills.

    It took me 15 years and lots of reading to figure
    out what the F- was wrong with me.

    THERE is a trigger: it’s called the “NIGGER TRIGGER”. Don’t believe me?
    GOOGLE it yourself.

    I hope this man gets the help he needs.

    The way he is: unrepentant, angry, I don’t think Tim Tebow could help calm down this beast.
    Football fans: Now that Riley Cooper is ‘forgiven’ turn your thoughts and prayers to Mr. Incognito ==God knows he needs help.

    Hey, Sachchez, gimmie another B____
    _____URP ! beer. LOL