NOV 25, 2012; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito (68) celebrates a touchdown against the Seattle Seahawks in the fourth quarter at Sun Life Stadium. The Dolphins defeated the Seahawks 24-21. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Whitlock makes bold claim about Richie Incognito

Jason Whitlock has never been one who is afraid of controversy, taking an opposing viewpoint, or saying something outlandish to make a point.  At times, it is difficult to tell when he is kidding and when he is serious and there are times when that is deliberate, so he can say something and test how it flies, then come back and decide whether he was serious or kidding.  In the Richie Incognito discussion, Whitlock went ahead and tweeted out this gem:

It will hardly be surprising when Whitlock comes back to say he is kidding about this later, but Whitlock is a big enough blowhard to believe this to be true.  Whitlock is able to make this claim because there is no way to substantiate one way or the other and the Kansas City Chiefs are not going to dignify this with an answer.  The people who made the pick are not even there anymore, so it is unlikely that they will bother with it.

Teams are not making a pick or passing on a pick of an offensive lineman because of how the media will react.  It is difficult enough to scout players and figure out who can play and who cannot without adding elements to the picture that are ultimately irrelevant.  The Chiefs may have crossed Incognito off of their board for the same reason a number of teams did in the draft; he had major character question marks that had him kicked out of Nebraska and those red flags really added up in the end.  The talent was there, but the character was a huge question mark.

Whitlock is a smart guy and an effective writer, but this is why he is such a polarizing figure.  He can make good points, can put together a great column, but loves to throw his weight around and try to make himself into something he not at times.  This quote has already been circulating around the twitterverse, so it will be interesting to see just how far it goes within the media.

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  • DTVTechGuy

    Whitlock has a higher opinion of himself than ANYONE else does.

    • dominicscarlatti

      Whitlock can be brilliant, infuriating, etc., but at least he is literate, something you can hardly claim to be.

      • DTVTechGuy

        Your entire train of thought was derailed by typos and common grammatical errors. Good for you.

        At least in my little arrogant, non spell checking corner or the world, someone saying… And I am quoting here…

        ” Whitlock has a higher opinion of himself than ANYONE else does ”

        Doesn’t inspire some stupid, asinine attempt to argue with a stranger. You tried, and failed miserably, to engage in an argument for no other reason than to argue…

        Please, the next time you choose to be critical of someone’s grammar… Don’t use the word ” Hater ”

        That’s a CLEAR indicator of your intelligence and your mentality.

        Here’s what I got left for you as this little trip down into the rabbit’s hole produced nothing more than brain damage and a little self shame at how much time I have devoted to arguing with a simpleton….

        Go figure out what pussy smells like.

        Then arguing with strangers doesn’t mean anything.

        • dominicscarlatti

          Yes, after you spent several hours arguing with me…really, you couldn’t make it up! Good luck with the remedial English language courses.

          • Jordan

            At this point I just find it hilarious that he puts a period after everything you say and you call it arguing for several hours. I’m dying

  • dominicscarlatti

    Whitlock is an exceptionally canny writer who was correct, correct, correct about Pioli, el al. Folks hate him because he is a intelligent black guy with strong opinions, and that just rankles some to no end…

    • DTVTechGuy

      Folks don’t hate him for that… Intelligent people dislike him insinuating that HIS OPINION has anything to do with the decisions inside the operations of an NFL Team…. That’s beyond arrogant. Regardless of his journalistic abilities, that’s a pretty DB way to think of one’s self.

      • dominicscarlatti

        They don’t? Well, some do, and if you had ever read the incredible number of racially-tinged posts in the comments section under his pieces for the KC Star website, you’d know that to be the case.

        Furthermore, don’t you think that maybe JW’s tweet from above was made as a tongue-in-cheek comment?!

        • DTVTechGuy

          He’s an arrogant prick. People don’t like arrogant pricks. You can mask it, excuse it, rationalize it all you want. He’s an arrogant prick. Aways has been, always will be.

          • dominicscarlatti

            At times, he is that, but so are many, many others in the field of sports journalism. Thanks for revealing yourself to be simply a “hater”…are you sure you’re not the same as the guy you’re describing?

          • DTVTechGuy

            A hater?

            Thanks for revealing yourself as a Whitlock Kool-Aid drinker… Do you have a poster of him above your bed?

            I just said he’s an arrogant prick… I just said people don’t like him for that… People don’t like him for implying his opinion is important to the KC Chiefs… I just said that to think you, as a reporter, are important to the operations of an NFL is a pretty DB way to think…

            I like Whitlock… I like Jim Rome… I like Skip Bayless….

            I like the assholes of the sports world… I actually wish they were bigger, more arrogant assholes who said what they actually think more often…

            But hey… Thanks for reading between the lines and inserting what you wanted to read and not what was actually there….

            C’mon Man!

          • dominicscarlatti

            So, Whitlock makes a tongue-in-cheek comment and you read between the lines and insert what you wanted to read and not what was actually there? You’re guilty of the same thing you’re accusing me of…priceless!

            Maybe Whitlock isn’t the only “arrogant prick” around here…no wonder you ‘…like the assholes of the sports world’ as birds of a feather flock together, eh?

          • DTVTechGuy

            You’re an idiot. Good try.

            Fact is, I never said anything that isn’t commonly accepted opinion and even Whitlock himself admits.

            Your trying to have an intelligent arguement and your unarmed.

            I’m a Chiefs fan, for 35 years, from the moment I can remember watching football. We root for the Chiefs and we hate the Raiders. I’ve read more articles by Whitlock than you’ve obviously read of everything else combined.

            Your digging hard junior…. Your just not getting anywhere.

            I won’t read any further responses as it just became obvious what your actually looking for is a petty, juvenile arguement with a stranger so you can feel tough, important, or just because you thrive on ridiculous drama. But you have fun kiddo, type away. It won’t get read.

          • dominicscarlatti

            Chiefs fan since 1970, so I’ve actually seen my team WIN a Super Bowl. Once upon a time, it was believed that the world was flat (‘commonly accepted opinion’), and I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that you still believe that to be true!

            For the record, ‘arguement’ is actually spelled “argument.” Also, you used ‘your’ instead of “you’re” so I guess you’re ignorant as well as ‘unarmed.’ Then you repeat that last error twice more in the next sentence for emphasis, but you open by referring to me as an ‘idiot.’ How ironic!

            Sorry you’ve pledged not to read nor reply to this latest refutation of your blatant stupidity, but I accept your generous offer to allow me the last post in our exchange.

    • Jordan

      Calm down Jessie Jackson. No one’s here to start a race war. Maybe people don’t like Whitlock because he says stupid shit like what’s noted in the entire article you posted on.

    • Barry Soetoro

      OXYMORON: “intelligent black guy”.

  • 49er Nation

    This is ridiculous. Of course he was kidding. Anyone who follows him on twitter knows he was kidding. Keep doin’ the d**n thing Whitlock.

  • yousofunny

    He was not kidding. Anyone that has read his nonsense over time ought to know that by now. He is a huge blowhard.

  • Barry Soetoro

    Who is jason whitlock–the guy with the mask in horror flicks??

  • Bobby O’Dell

    Kansas City misses Jason Whitlock…and I’m WHITE!! We sure coulda used him to cheer us up during the “dark years”

  • Mechguy

    Ha ha ha,,, I am just sure that Kansas City checks with a sports writer on every one of their picks ,,,,I mean don’t all the teams ? There is so much brains and talent in the news media,,, doesn’t everyone check with them first ?? Ok … Sarcasm.