May 29, 2013; San Francisco, CA, USA; San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey (28, right) at bat in front of umpire Brian Knight (91) and Oakland Athletics catcher John Jaso (5, center) during the fifth inning at AT

Might Oakland Athletics move into San Francisco Giants' stadium?

To say the Oakland Athletics need a new stadium would be a severe understatement. This of course is the same venue that has had locker rooms and allegedly dugouts flood with raw sewage.

Unfortunately, it’s politics as usual and with a relatively cheap owner, things aren’t progressing on a new stadium in Oakland. The team has looked elsewhere, even enlisting the assistance of Major League Baseball, though they too have come up with little of nothing, especially since the San Francisco Giants won’t give up their territorial rights in San Jose thanks to the revenue provided by the Silicon Valley.

So what’s next for the Oakland Athletics, who need to re-up their lease at the Coliseum? Might it be moving across the Bay and playing at AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants?

With the A’s lease-extension negotiations bogging down in Oakland, officials from Major League Baseball have introduced the idea of having the Giants share AT&T Park with the Athletics in 2014, this newspaper has confirmed

Such a move would take place for the 2014 season and wouldn’t even need the approval of the Giants as they may be forced into such a scenario:

The Giants could be forced to accept the unique sharing agreement for the same reason that the A’s have been denied their request for a San Jose move — because MLB has an antitrust exemption that gives it special powers to control franchise movement.

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