Samsung Galaxy 11: Mysterious black-robed soccer fans explained


If you’re a soccer fan you’ve probably seen things pop up on social media sites about mysterious fans in black robes showing up at soccer games. In the past week they’ve showed up at Juventus Stadium and Allianz Arena. The logo they had worn had been showing up all over the place, including Times Square in New York City. USA TODAY even wrote an article about the mysterious black-robed soccer fans stalking European soccer games and using the hashtag #WinnerTakesEarth.

So what is going on with these creepy guys?

USA TODAY author Mike Foss wrote: “Seriously, if this is just a campaign for the newest Predator or Vapor soccer cleat and not aliens, I’m going to be disappointed.”

He was close. Samsung is officially unveiling the Galaxy 11, a fantasy-inspired, soccer-themed campaign that pits 11 of the world’s best players trying to save the planet from alien domination. Foss did predict the soccer players taking on aliens part.

The campaign will be a series of chapters over the following months over Samsung Galaxy devices, online platforms and social media channels. The campaign will include the recruitment and training of the Galaxy 11 as they will be called. Every movie that features a group of people assembled to fight aliens, or do anything, involves a recruitment and training phase, think Armageddon or Ocean’s 11.

Like any team they’ll have a coach and they got international soccer legend, Franz Beckenbauer. That doesn’t come as a surprise now if you saw his alien themed YouTube video.

“I’m excited to partner with Samsung on this unique campaign and serve as the manager of the Galaxy 11 team. This is an opportunity for football fans to come together and support a common goal,” said Beckenbauer. “Samsung has a history of creating unique campaigns that connect people around common passions and I’m looking forward to having the fans join us on this incredible journey.”

The first player recruited to join Galaxy 11 will also be the team captain and will be announced on November 11.

If you don’t have a Samsung device you can follow it on the Galaxy 11 website.

Following the Journey of GALAXY 11

On November 11, Samsung will unveil multiple online environments that allow fans to follow and participate in the journey of GALAXY 11. To learn more, fans can visit:

·         Microsite:

·         Tumblr:

·         Facebook:

·         Twitter:

·         YouTube:

·         ChatON:

·         Call-to-Action: #GALAXY11

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