Nov 5, 2013; Lawrence, KS, USA; Kansas Jayhawks guard Andrew Wiggins (22) stretches before the game against the Fort Hays State Tigers at Allen Fieldhouse. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Wiggins says he isn’t LeBron James

Andrew Wiggins has already admitted that he is done with college ball after this season. Barring some seriously bad play, or a Nerlens Noel type injury, he should be the number 1 pick in the 2014 draft. Wiggins is getting called the Canadian LeBron, and “Maple Jordan”. He is a soft spoken person, and reports say that he isn’t even the best player on this Kansas team. Back in October, he talked to GQ about these expectations:

“Aw, it’s not fair to even say my name in the same sentence as his,” says Wiggins during his first week of classes at Kansas. “I haven’t even played one game of college ball.” Is there another player who’s more comparable? “I like Kevin Durant’s game! Ain’t nothing he can’t do. Shoot. Has a handle. Plays D. Scores at will. Durant, man! Has that killer instinct.”

Interesting, that last bit. Some have seen Wiggins’s ability to shiver through defenders without touching them as an unwillingness to knock heads and stake his claim as The Man. “Anybody who has ever watched me knows that I get my teammates involved, that I make them better,” Wiggins responds. “I’m not too selfish or unselfish.”

Wiggins shouldn’t let these expectations weigh on him. Although Harrison Barnes is a nice NBA player, he was expected to be like Wiggins when he was in high school. Sometimes these guys don’t pan out, so any predictions now are premature. This is also a deep draft, so we will see if Wiggins will get picked number 1. There sure are a lot of teams tanking to get him.

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