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Boston Bruins fans booing Tyler Seguin is just plain stupid

Fans of the Boston Bruins must have awfully short memories. At least that’s the impression that they gave once Tyler Seguin came back to town.

There are messy breakups, and then there are hockey trades. Patrick Roy? Messy. Steve Downie? Messy. Seguin getting traded out of Boston over the summer? Not so much. Yet you wouldn’t know it based on the reaction that he received every time he touched the puck at the TD Garden.

Todd Bertuzzi gets booed when he touches the puck in Vancouver. That makes sense. He broke a man’s neck out on the ice. Zdeno Chara needs security when he goes to Montreal. Also makes sense.

Booing a player that was dealt away by management though? In a money decision? Frankly, that’s just plain stupid.

There isn’t one good reason to boo the 21-year-old at this stage. He didn’t ask for a trade. He made no negative public statements of any kind following the trade. If anything, Boston’s management drug Seguin’s name through the mud while he had to sit back and take it in the shins.

They bad mouthed him on “Behind the B.” They bad mouthed him on the radio. They bad mouthed him in the press. All told, this must be what a media brainwashing looks like, because from where I’m siting Seguin didn’t do anything to deserve the boo birds. Oh, he partied too much?

Fine, but don’t be a hypocrite and stand idly by while Brad Marchand had been accused of the same thing. At least be consistent in your wrongness. But no. Seguin did…something to really irritate Boston’s faithful, which is odd because he literally did nothing wrong. Unless you’re buying into the Deadspin and TMZ-esque articles.

In which case there’s nothing we can do for you anyway.

Boston’s fans looked classless tonight in the way they handled Seguin’s return. That’s not part of the sport. That’s not fun. You’ve got Jack Edwards and Andy Brickley taking pot shots at Seguin during the play, snickering about how the folks holding up pro-Seguin signs must have been people that he met late at night somewhere.

That’s not classy. That’s low, and the Bruins faithful badly embarrassed themselves and the organization tonight. Which is too bad. As a whole, they’re better than this.

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