Oct 20, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Dallas Cowboys guard Brian Waters (64) leaves the field at halftime of a game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. The Cowboys defeated the Eagles 17-3. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Cowboys would be open to re-signing Brian Waters

The Dallas Cowboys signed retired guard Brian Waters as a band-aid of sorts for their offensive line. The Cowboys were struggling with interior line play, and needed help. Not only did they get a solid interior lineman, they got a veteran leader and a mentor to their younger players. Head coach Jason Garrett praised Waters and said they’d consider bringing him back.

“He is a heck of a guy to have on your football team,” Garrett said, via the Dallas Morning News. “He’s a warrior. He demonstrated that throughout his career in the short period of time he was with us. He had a real positive impact and his demeanor and his temperament was contagious particularly for that offensive line group.”

“We have so many young guys,” Garrett said. “Tyron Smith is young. Ron Leary is young. Travis Frederick is young. All these guys are young football players and to have a veteran guy like that to kind of show them how to do it, it was really good.

“It was good for our team and hopefully that contagious nature continues in his absence. We certainly want him to be around as he’s on IR to continue to have that impact and we’ll see how everything comes out with the surgery, but we’re certainly very open to having him back.”

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  • terell28

    If we can resign him and draft another decent Guard in the 1st or 2nd round or Line would be legit.

    • David Kerr

      Don’t forget right tackle

  • SmartThinking

    The Cowboys are open? They better crawl up to his house on their hands and knees and offer him whatever he wants to re-sign for another year! When he stepped on the field, the offensive line instantly became respectable. Runners could run. Romo could throw anywhere he wanted because he had time to find an onen receiver. When Waters got hurt, the offensive line, principally Free and Bernadeau, started getting holding penalties again. The running game disappeared altogether. And Romo is now forced to do his patented ‘run for your life to escape the death grip’ routine again. Waters’ game was the key to the success Dallas showed early in the season. His re-signing will give Dallas the opportunity to draft a stud young guard and bring him up under the tutelage of one of the best linemen in the past ten years. Please Jerry, buy Waters another barn for his ranch, or whatever he wants. Make a smart move for your team for once in your life. Re-sign Waters!

  • texasaaa

    Maybe just maybe he should go through the rigors of preseason, the conditioning coaches etc befor he jumps off his couch and tries to play pro sports.
    His laziness cost him the season
    And Cowboys lots of dollars!

    • SmartThinking

      After ten years and a couple or three Pro Bowls, I, for one, am prepared to cut Waters a little slack. When he finally came in, admittedly, after side-stepping the entire training camp and pre-season, Waters was at about 90 percent, according to the Dallas coaches. This guy bench pressed 340 ten times and called that a warm up. A warm up! The second he put on his helmet with the star on the side, the Dallas line was solid. Rock solid! Frederick and Free both have been quoted as saying working and listening to Waters has made them better players. Could you really ask for a better been there – done that mentor for a rookie guard to learn from while, Waters begins to transition out of the lineup?

      • texasaaa

        Fine, just get his lazy ass offer couch eating Tater Tots and get in shape. Is that too much to ask for several million dollars$?
        He’s home rehabbing counting Jerry’s money (which of course is our Money).
        I don’t have much sympathy or use for people like this. He needs to pro rate his pay for whether missed this year if he comes back.