Aug 23, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; General view of an Oakland Raiders helmet on the field during the game against the Chicago Bears at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Rich Gannon says Raiders had hazing; made him sick

In light of the Miami Dolphins hazing/bullying situation which has played out in recent days, former Oakland Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon says there was a time when his Raiders were doing similar things, things that he reportedly says ‘made him sick’.

Gannon, speaking to CBS Sports recalled an incident where he walked into the locker room and saw a handful of veteran players attempting to demoralize a young, unnamed talent:

“I have absolutely no tolerance for this type of behavior. I’ve seen firsthand how this can divide and really destroy a locker room, a team and quite frankly, an entire organization,” Gannon said. “I went to an organization in Oakland, which quite frankly made me sick. This culture and environment existed out there with older players bullying younger players. At one point, I remember coming into the locker room my very first year there, and I saw a group of defensive lineman had our young tight end tied up with tape. They were punching him. They were putting icy-hot and baby powder with water on this guy. They were trying to demoralize the player.”

While many NFL franchises have come out in recent days suggesting that hazing/bullying isn’t part of their culture, there are some franchises where it’s believed that this type of activity still is active.

Gannon did suggest that he helped change the tide of the Raiders’ locker room and the hazing/bullying did come to a stop, especially when the team began to win games.

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  • James Holtslander

    Pretty sure all teams do it, nfl players are kids that are never forced to grow up. It’s absolutely wrong but Gannon makes me sick! He never has anything good to say about oakland. He a bitter former player much like jaworski is, but at least jaws is still loyal to his club.

  • MartyCalderon

    I think Gannon has a point. He also did say that he helped changed the culture, as when he came Gruden was the 3rd coach in 4 years, 5 starting QB’s in that same 4 years and you can see the leadership void on the field. When Gruden and Gannon came, it really changed and you can even tell from interviews of players there was a much more professional feel to the team. Rod Woodson began mentoring Charlies Woodson, the WR’s tried to mentor Jerry Porter. I think it is on the head coach, and I know coaches like Ditka have been known to allow no hazing, even according to Ricky Williams who stated he came in with Ditka and Ditka took out all hazing. I mean, you can have the funky hair cuts and the talent shows. But yeah, the Raiders in the late 90′s was a run away train wreck and everyone knows that. What made it worst was there was no winning. Winning came once Gannon became QB.

  • Mel Anderson

    Gannon was nothing more then a backup with the Vikings and Chiefs. it wasn’t till Jon and Al gave him a chance to be a starter. He was surrounded with outstanding players which made his job easier. Ganon is always critical of the Raiders, He sounds like an old lady. Hazing goes on in the military, fraternities,high school and college.The tradition goes back thousands of years. If you don’t like hazing you don’t have to make it sound like the Raiders invented it.

  • Stanley Carr

    Rich Gannon for some reason hates d raiders, n we hate him right back!