Oct 21, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Minnesota Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier looks on during the final moments of his team

Vikings' Leslie Frazier prefers that coaching complaints be kept in-house

The Minnesota Vikings are stuck at one win, and players are starting to lose faith. Some of the players are making their complaints publicly. Specifically, defensive players complained about the play-calling at the end of the game and the lack of pressure on Tony Romo, according to Jim Souhan of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Defensive coordinator Alan Williams had lineman dropping into coverage instead of rushing the quarterback.

“There’s some things that are going on internally that are not allowing us to close out games,” defensive end Brian Robison said.

“I think we could have been in better situations at the end of the game,” defensive tackle Kevin Williams added.

Head coach Leslie Frazier doesn’t want his players complaining publicly. Frazier wished they could  keep it in house.

“I understand the frustration,” Frazier told reporters, via Chip Scoggins of the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  “We were all frustrated at the end of that ballgame. But there are so many positive things that occurred before that two-minute drive. But we’ll definitely talk through that situation as a team and just where we are and what we have to do to move forward.”

At least one player is standing by his comments, Robinson wouldn’t apologize.

“I don’t take back anything I said,” Robison said Monday.  “I’m probably going to get griped at for it.  In my honest opinion, I don’t think I said anything out of line.  I don’t think I necessarily threw anybody under the bus.  I didn’t say anything that I shouldn’t have said.  We’ve always prided ourselves on holding each other accountable.”

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