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Colgate freshman loses one year of eligibility for NCAA violation

Due to a complicated NCAA violation, Nathn Harries of Colgate will miss one year of eligibility. It’s an odd rule but a rule nonetheless.

From ESPN,

Colgate freshman Nathan Harries has been denied a year of eligibility for playing in an unsanctioned church league, but the school is appealing because the case is a little more complicated than it would initially appear.

Last summer, upon his return home, he played three games in a league at Dunwoody Baptist Church. That would violate an NCAA rule that stipulates that athletes who do not enroll immediately after graduating from high school will be penalized one year of eligibility for every academic year they participate in organized competition (which includes an official score and referees).

For playing in just three games in a church league, coming off the bench no less, Harries will miss one year of college basketball. However, if he is able to get his suspension appealed and overturned, he could find himself on the court in no time.

“We’re just hopeful that common sense prevails and the NCAA recognizes this for what it is,” said Michael Harries (Nathan’s father), who added that many teams don’t even have uniforms. “We understand that the NCAA has rules, but the spirit of the rule, we don’t believe, should apply here.”

Harries is currently at Colgate, enrolled in school, practicing with the team and awaiting word on the appeal, Michael Harries said.


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