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Colgate freshman cleared to play following NCAA's new decision

Yesterday, there was news about Nathan Harries, a freshman from Colgate, who was suspended for the year for violating NCAA rules. He played in a church league, for three games as a back-up, yet the NCAA decided to still carry on with the suspension. Well today, there is more news surrounding the case.

From ESPN:

The NCAA did not hear an appeal from Colgate, but rather, after a quick phone call with Harries on Thursday morning, “revisited” its earlier decision to suspend him for one year, the source said.

Harries initially was deemed ineligible by the NCAA because he had played in three games in an unsanctioned summer league this summer. Harries had delayed his enrollment two years while doing a Mormon mission. NCAA rules stipulate that an athlete who does not enroll immediately after high school graduation cannot participate in organized games.

A subcommittee was scheduled to hear an appeal from Colgate but an NCAA official contacted the school on Thursday after various media reports detailing Harries’ case.

The source said the NCAA conducted a brief interview with Harries and immediately called back with news it had reversed its decision.

It’s nice to see that the NCAA reversed its decision without even looking at an appeal, and that all it took was a quick phone call. It’s also a plus for Colgate, obviouls,y because they get Harries back for the season.

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