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Tony Dorsett having memory issues, struggles with life


Hall of Fame running back Tony Dorsett has said that he has had problems with memory and his quality of life is decreasing by the day.  In multiple interviews today, Dorsett, 59, talked about issues he has had with remembering different aspects of his life and career.  While he was unwilling to get into specific details about what he has in terms of diagnoses, Dorsett has made it clear that he is getting treatment, is being proactive, but that he has been diagnosed with some serious issues that could point to Chronic Traumatic Encephalapathy (CTE).

The obvious jump for most people is that football is bad and this is what football does to players.  Dorsett was quick to point out that had he been educated about concussions before playing, he still would have done it, but he would have done it smarter, which is a nod to the progress that has been made.  He said he acknowledged and signed up for the risks that he took.  His goal is to have the NFL pay for his health insurance for the rest of his life.

Frankly, that demand does not seem unrealistic in the least and a smart move for the NFL from a public relationss standpoint.  If he can get help and improve upon his symptons, which may have included suicidal thoughts, can come back and improve from it while avoiding going broke in the process, it would be good news for other players, obviously Dorsett himself and the NFL as a whole in making sure it stays viable in the long term.

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