Jul 29, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb during a press conference announcing his retirement at the Eagles NovaCare Complex. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Shawn Andrews 'disgusted' by treatment from McNabb, others

With all of the talk about Jonathan Martin and the treatment he has reportedly received in Miami by Richie Incognito and others in the locker room, other players are coming out to speak up about treatment they received in their past.  One of these players was Shawn Andrews, who specifically talked about his time in Philadelphia and the Eagles locker room with some pointed comments regarding Donovan McNabb in an interview with Mike Missaneli of 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia.

According to Andrews: “People think that it’s just a band of brothers.  These are my co-workers, and I understood that really early on.  That you can’t trust everybody.”

Andrews continued regarding Donovan McNabb talking behind his back: “If you put your heart, everything that comes with you, on the line for another person and they’re saying some very, very, very untrue things about you to other guys in our same league on other teams, how would that make you feel?  You’re putting your heart on the line, man.  You could break your neck, there’s so many things that you could do.”

According to Andrews, he confronted McNabb about the situation, but McNabb denied it.

Connecting it back to Martin: “I’m disgusted by it,” Andrews said.  “You know, like [Jonathan] Martin?  I feel the connection there because when he said he tried to befriend the people who talked about him, I know what he’s going through.”

Finally, “When the camera is rolling oh it’s, ‘We’re a team, we’re a team’ but when the cameras go off it’s like, ‘Screw you, dude. Screw you,’” Andrews said.  “I’ve had to work with guys that didn’t have everybody’s best interests at heart. The only guy I’ll tell you that I could trust on that team was flat out Brian Dawkins.”

This will be interesting because it is one more player that has come out from the Eagles that is not exactly praising of the former Eagles quarterback.  The most famous was Terrell Owens, but much of that was largely ignored because of the source.  Nevertheless, there was a belief that the locker room was genuinely divided over that feud.  The other interesting part is McNabb is now a member of the media and is extremely accessible, so this situation is bound to be addressed.

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