Nov 7, 2013; Stanford, CA, USA; Stanford Cardinal fans rush the field after the win against the Oregon Ducks at Stanford Stadium. The Stanford Cardinal defeated the Oregon Ducks 26-20. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Week 12 projected BCS rankings: How Oregon's loss will impact the Top-10

Thursday night marked the first time this season that the BCS was really thrown into some chaos.

The fifth-ranked Stanford Cardinal handed the high-powered Oregon Ducks their first loss of the season, 26-20, which may have all but killed the Ducks’ chances at eventually playing for a national championship.

There were a lot of fans and experts around the country that had their hearts set on seeing Oregon and their offense eventually match up against the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Now, that’s probably not going to happen after what happened in Palo Alto.

So, what might the Top-10 in the BCS look like when the weekend’s over? Let’s have a look:

  1. Alabama Crimson Tide: This is assuming that the two-time defending champs can get past their own test this weekend at home against LSU. If Alabama keeps winning, they’re simply not moving from this top spot. The voters and the computers will always be kind to Nick Saban and company.
  2. Florida State Seminoles: As is the case with Alabama, all Florida State has to do now is take care of business the rest of the way, and they’re in. They no longer have to worry about a back-and-forth with Oregon, as they’ve had to do since the initial standings were released a few weeks ago.
  3. Ohio State Buckeyes: Urban Meyer and his undefeated squad will jump into this space–for now. How long they’ll stay here with the schedule they have the rest of the way–which includes a bye week this week–remains to be seen. Especially since the team that will be right behind them in the rankings has more chances to impress everyone, just like they did last night…
  4. Baylor Bears: Everyone wanted to see the Bears tested by a “real” opponent. Well, they were on Thursday night and they passed with flying colors, thrashing the Oklahoma Sooners, 41-12. With their toughest Big 12 dates still coming up, they should have enough to eventually surpass Ohio State, and maybe even earn themselves a BCS Title Game appearance if some beneficial things happen in front of them.
  5. Stanford Cardinal: Even with the win over Oregon, I think that Baylor in the way they won against Oklahoma, coupled with their unblemished record as opposed to Stanford’s one loss, will have just enough to stay ahead of the Cardinal. However, Stanford did do themselves a lot of favors in beating the Ducks and they also have themselves in a good position to benefit from some losses in front of them.
  6. Oregon Ducks: That first loss may not drop them all that far here, seeing as Stanford was so highly regarded by the computers to begin with. They probably won’t play for the title, but they should still make an appearance in one of the BCS bowls if they can pick everything up and handle business the rest of the way.
  7. Clemson Tigers: It appears as if the Tigers are back to their usual ways after running into the buzzsaw that is Florida State.
  8. Missouri Tigers: The leaders of the SEC East are still in a good position to make some noise and a date with the number one team in these rankings may be on the horizon, giving them the chance to do just that.
  9. Auburn Tigers: With a game against the struggling Tennessee Volunteers this week, Gus Malzahn and his surprising 8-1 team shouldn’t be going anywhere.
  10. Miami Hurricanes: With Oklahoma’s loss, the ‘Canes should find themselves back in the Top-10 if they can beat ACC Coastal Division rival Virginia Tech on Saturday.

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  • Warren Packard

    Let’s see here. Stanford has beaten #3 Oregon, #25 (at the time) Oregon State, #9 (at the time…) UCLA, #15 Washington, and #23 Arizona State. UCLA is down to #19 now, but have only lost to Stanford and Oregon. Washington is similar in that they have only lost to Stanford, Oregon, and a tough Arizona State team (currently #22). Arizona State has only lost to Stanford and Notre Dame. These are all good teams, but they’re beating up on each other due to the intense competition.

    Baylor has beaten a solid #10 Oklahoma team. That’s it. I agree that they should be in the Top 10, but placing them ahead of Stanford doesn’t make any reasonable sense given the portfolio of victories that Stanford has accumulated.

    • Robert Parker

      You failed to mention that Stanford lost to an unranked Utah team.

  • James

    How can Baylor “stay ahead of the Cardinal” when Stanford is already ahead of them in the BCS? Stanford is going to beat Oregon and then get JUMPED?

    • Robert Parker

      If Stanford hadn’t lost to an unranked Utah team it would be very different.

  • Gabriel Kerr

    Is every college football writer’s head up their ass? How is there a complete lack of respect for Clemson, a team only beaten by the number 2 team in the country, but Oregon, a team who got beat by the only real team they played this season, (a team who also doesn’t deserve their accolades as they were beaten by an UNRANKED TEAM) still considered a favorite? I don’t understand the bias.

    • left2right

      Because Clemson was totally outclassed. Oregon will be punished to, just watch. They won’t end up at 6. No way… They should be 7.

  • Gabriel Kerr

    I understand that Alabama and Ohio state are ranked where they are in spite of the fact they have the softest schedules of any ranked team because of their reputation, a bias everyone who isn’t a fan of those schools is aware of, and also aware nothing will be done about it. However, other than fsu who had definitely earned their place, there shouldn’t be a team above the Tigers. Baylor is good, but they have one had one real test.

    • Brett Summers

      Softest schedule? Really? Play in the SEC west and tell me you have a soft schedule. They will have played #7 A&M, #21 Ole Miss, #13 LSU, #9 Auburn, and #8 Mizzou in the BCS computer system at the end of the year. Clemson was obliterated by FSU, and they barely beat a Georgia team that is awful this year. There are 5-10 teams that deserve to be ahead of the Tigers, so before you claim foul bias, maybe you should check if you are biased towards Clemson. Newsflash: you are.

      • Jason L. Priester

        Clemson beat that Ga team before they lost all their offensive skill players to injury. That was a good Ga team that Clemson beat in the opener. A Ga team that was good enough to beat SC. No team can could survive all the injuries Ga has had. Gurley and Marshall, would be bad enough by themselves, but they also lost a couple of starting WRs and a starting TE if I’m not mistaken. Having said that, I don’t agree Clemson should be ranked any higher than they are. They had their shot and came out about as unprepared and as unmotivated as you can for a game with such huge implications, and made sure they stayed the butt of many a college football jokes. FSU has turned out to be better than most outside of Tally thought and if Clemson keeps that game more respectable, cuz they don’t win playing their best game, perception of them may be a little different.

    • Jason L. Priester

      Alabama has played a soft schedule? That’s ludicrous. They beat aTm and the reigning Hiesman winner. They shutout Ole Miss, whose been Top 25, thumped a top 15 LSU last night, and still have a top ten Auburn team. They they’ll get a Top 10 Mizzou or Top 15 SC in the title game. They play in the West. Can’t play in the West this season and have a soft schedule. Don’t forget that they opened with Va Tech whose been in and outta the Top 25 too. I wanna see Bama lose as much as anyone else, but I’m not so biased that I can’t admit that they’ve earned their spot