Nov 10, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (18) on the field after being hit on a pass play during the second half against the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium. The Broncos won 28-20. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Denver Broncos’ Peyton Manning will have MRI on knee


The Denver Broncos got a crucial road-win on Sunday against the San Diego Chargers today to improve to 7-1 entering their Week 11 AFC West showdown-game against the Kansas City Chiefs that will see the winner ascend into first-place.

They built a 28-6 lead in the third quarter, highlighted by three receiving touchdowns by wide receiver Demaryius Thomas and four passing touchdowns by Peyton Manning, who continues to look like a runaway-favorite for the NFL MVP award.

But the Chargers would not go quietly in this AFC West showdown, and late in the ball game as Denver was trying to run out the clock, Manning dropped back to pass and was hit in the right knee on a pass to Thomas in the final two minutes of the game:





Backup Brock Osweiler was preparing to enter the contest, but the Broncos called timeout, and Manning did not miss a snap. Manning has been listed on the injury report with an ankle ailment before each of Denver’s last two games.




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  • DXW

    I bet Manning is going to be out next week vs KC, which fits with KC’s dumb luck. Not too big a deal, though. If he was going to be out a week, this is the week to be out. I have no doubt that Denver can beat KC without Manning, but the following week against NE will be tough. Hopefully Manning will be ready to go by the time the NE game rolls around.

    • DTVTechGuy

      You have no doubt Denver can beat KC without Manning.

      That’s beyond stupid and ridiculous. You’re obviously trolling for an argument again.

      Good luck with that. Hope you find the internet nemesis you’re looking for.

      We’ll see you in the Live Thread when the game starts next week.

      Have a great week man!

      • ……ChiefsFan……

        We won’t see him in the live thread because he is such a tool he got himself kicked out of AA threads.

        • DTVTechGuy

          Funny stuff. Even my condescending, insulting ass hasn’t managed to get kicked out of anything yet.

          Oh well. Have a superb week regardless DXW… Hope the MRI turns out great and Manning is on the field. No excuses… Win or lose for either side. No excuses.

          • DXW

            I only got kicked out of AA because KCmike is a pussy who can’t handle himself so he ran to the moderator to tell on me for making fun of him.

            re Manning… I don’t think it is stupid. I really don’t see the Chiefs as much of a challenge. I could be wrong, but even the game at Arrowhead doesn’t scare me as much as yesterdays game in SD or the game coming up in NE. The Broncos are so talented on offense that there’s no way the Chiefs will be able to contain them, and the Defense is MUCH improved and just did really well against an offense that is miles beyond what KC’s offense is capable of doing.

            With Manning, the game will be a blowout. With Osweiler, it’ll be closer, but he’s a better QB than the last few KC has faced and struggled against, and he’s surrounded by a lot more talent. He’ll score at least 21 to 28 points against the Chiefs, and I can’t see KC scoring more than 16 even if they have an outstanding day.

            What worries me is that Manning isn’t the same QB when he’s injured. He was hurt during the Colts game, and you could see he was off. If he’s hurt this week and plays anyway, that could be trouble and it might add to the Chief’s ‘Lucky streak’ and help them eek out a win.

            I saw the SD game in SD as the toughest divisional game Denver had on the schedule. Not that the Chiefs will be an easy win by any means, especially at Arrowhead, but I can’t imagine them losing to such an inferior team who is riding a lucky streak while playing against nothing but really bad teams.

            The good news for you is that this is the week where they can prove me wrong.

          • DTVTechGuy

            The Colts got DOMINATED on their home field by what looks like a vastly inferior team yesterday.

            No team is good enough that they can’t be beat by another team.

            Not worried about Denver’s offense… They will score points… It is what it is… They won’t score 30 gauranteed.

            And Denver hasn’t faced a Defense like KC’s…

            Denver’s BEST defensive showing so far is 19 points by the Jags….

            If you think KC’s offense isn’t any better than the Jags… Then your not paying attention to the numbers or you don’t know how to read them.

            I could see 27-24 for either team.

            As far as Osweiler… You really think BO ( Love the initials ) would be tied with Tom Brady for most TD’s through 9 games in a season In the history of the NFL?

            If you do…. Crazy isn’t the word for it.

            If you don’t…. The Broncos wouldn’t be a .500 team with BO.

          • DXW

            “No team is good enough that they can’t be beat by another team.”

            I agree completely. And if the Chiefs have a chance against Denver, it’s with their pass rush. They have a phenomenal pass rush, and if Denver doesn’t game plan for it, Manning will most likely leave the field on a stretcher.


            KC’s corners can’t cover Denver’s receivers all game. Their linebackers will not be able to stop Denver’s run game, and the hurry up offense will put pressure on KC’s pass rush in the second half. KC will have their big plays in the game, and they will stop the offense now and then, but not every time, and they won’t be able to take advantage of those stops because their offense is weak and Denver’s defense is turning into a beast.

            re defense: If you go by those first six games, you’re not seeing how this defense is evolving now that Miller is back. It’s a completely different defense with him in it, and they get better every week. Yesterday they stopped a very talented offense that came to play, and one that is run by a guy who knows the Denver playbook by heart.

            If BO plays, it’ll be a closer game. He’s very mobile, and that’ll help against the rush, but he’ll have to rely on his receivers to save him. The receivers are the reason I’m not worried about him in this game. These are the same guys who carried Tim Tebow to a playoff win a couple years ago. If they can do that for a guy who can’t throw a football, they’ll be fine with BO against KC who has been lit up by 3rd string QB’s for the past few weeks, especially when you add in W. Welker and J. Thomas.

            As I’m typing this, just saw the news Manning will play this week against KC, so nevermind.

            Win or lose, I can’t wait for this game… I’ve hated the Chiefs since I was a kid, and I still smile when I think of TD’s long run in that playoff game back in 97 when they knocked the Chiefs out of the playoffs. Denver has always gotten the best of KC when the games counted, and even though this game isn’t as big as a playoff game, it’s always fun to watch the Chiefs lose.

        • DXW

          Yeah, you wouldn’t want to see me in the live thread. You can petition the admin at AA to let me back in if you’d like, but I’m sure KCmike would cry if they did. He’s kind of delicate.

          I’m fine laughing at everyone on the outside. No point in me rubbing it in.