Nov 9, 2013; Gainesville, FL, USA; Florida Gators head coach Will Muschamp reacts on the sidelines against the Vanderbilt Commodores during the second quarter at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Would Florida Gators really fire Will Muschamp after just one season?

The Florida Gators have lost four straight games…

Did I really just say that? When was the last time Florida lost four straight (I honestly don’t know)?

To top it off, Vanderbilt was the most recent team to rock the Gators with a 34-17 and it came in UF’s homecoming game. Yikes! The Commodores hadn’t won at the Swamp since 1945 and they made it look incredibly easy.

It’s not like Vandy came in rocking a great record or a truly threatening roster either. Before the game the ‘Dores were 4-4 and 1-4 in the SEC. Then they came in with a backup quarterback. The stage was set for Florida, point blank, yet they fell short. Actually they got hammered.

You get the point, but the critics are out, boy are they out. Ben Griffin wasn’t even close to full for the first time in a long time yesterday. They already lost to Miami. Chances are they will get blown out by 12th ranked South Carolina next week and No. 2 FSU to end their season, which would leave them completely out of a bowl. They’d better beat Georgia Southern in two weeks at least, but at this point that’s no sure thing.

The question is, could coach Will Muschamp be fired after a single season? Even with all the issues right now, would that really be an option?

The Gators have fallen victim to the worst injury bug this season, maybe of the last decade in the conference. Their losses are mostly respectable in the grand scheme of things, until yesterday.

I guess we’ll see, but to me it’s stupid to even be considering this from a Florida perspective. Maybe they’re not, but the negative thoughts are out there. The excitement around the program was bubbling after the Muschamp hire, but it’s a restless situation until otherwise stated in Florida.

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  • Will Pearlman

    Muschamp has been the coach since 2011. So your entire article is based on a lack of football knowledge since this isn’t his first year. Now to drop some knowledge on you:

    This is the first time the Gators have had a losing record AT ANY POINT since 1992 (1-2 after early losses to bama and tennessee) and the first time the losing record has been after September since 1979 (the infamous 0-10-1 season). So the simple answer to you, and I am a Florida Alumni, is yes Muschamp is out, the only question is whether we wait until the end of the year or do it after losing to South Carolina.

  • Buca

    Josh you should take this article down and do some major editing – Pearlman is correct this is Muschamp’s 3rd year

  • John Harkey

    Would your opinion change if you knew it was his 3rd season and likely the first losing season for Florida in over 25 years? Well, those are the facts. How can you possibly write an article that is so baseless and full of factual inaccuracies? Tasteless and careless journalism at its finest right here, folks. Truly embarrassing ignorance.

    • GatorHawk

      John, I think he was saying that WM would get fired after one *disappointing* season, not that it was his *first* season. Maybe I misunderstood your point, but I didn’t see that he misstated anything (however, the headline could easily be misinterpreted).

      • John Harkey

        No sir, GatorHawk. You are just putting words in Josh’s mouth. Please point out where he states ‘disappointing’ anywhere in the header or article. His words verbatim, “Could Will Muschamp be fired after a single season?”. There’s is absolutely no misinterpretation on my part – it’s stated plain as day. What’s funny is how a man like Josh can talk about Muschamp as if he’s a failure when all he really has to do is look in the mirror to see one. Game, set, match.

      • Will Pearlman

        7-6 in 2011, at Florida that is not a disappointing season that is a FAILURE. So this is 2 FAILING seasons. Zook got fired for going 8-4. Please don’t defend this idiot Josh.

  • Ryan Wertz

    Yeah he’ll be gone sooner rather than later. Worse record than Ron Zook who was fired before end of his third season at Florida

  • Erik Bartlam

    I thought Muschamp was a good hire…he may still be but, you cannot have a losing season at Florida. I don’t care about the injuries. It’s unacceptable.

  • sports23fan22

    This guy is clearly an idiot. The biggest travesty is how much attention his pathetic article has received.