Cowboys admit firing Rob Ryan may have been a mistake

Sep 22, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA; New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan runs off the field following a win over the Arizona Cardinals at Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The Saints defeated the Cardinals 31-7. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints were able to blowout the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football, as Drew Brees and the offense were clicking on all cylinders. While no one is surprised with how the team is clicking on the offensive side of the ball, it is the defensive rebirth thanks to defensive coordinator Rob Ryan that has the team looking like legit contenders in the NFC.

For Ryan, last night’s game was about more than leading his defense, as he looked to make a big statement against his former team and he did just that.

Now, with the Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones seeing how Ryan has been able to get the Saints performing as the Cowboys defense struggles, the team appears to be having second thoughts about whether or not it was the right move to fire Ryan after last year.

From Tim MacMahon of ESPN Dallas:

The Dallas defense was hit hard with injuries last season, so putting it all on Ryan’s shoulders was not fair and that is showing.

This year, the team is under new direction with a new system and they have looked even worse than before.

It wasn’t the first and won’t be the last time that the Cowboys defense gets torched, so expect the decision to fire Ryan to continue coming back to haunt them as the season goes on.

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  • Ed

    I wasn’t for the firing but the reality is that the Dallas defense is as mediocre now as it was then. Here’s a big if. A cowboys win would have put both teams at 6-3 or4 (Saints had a bye).

  • yingyangpalms

    The Cowboys players Offense and Defense are too much into partying to get the job done. You can’t be out partying Fri and Sat and play great on Sun.

  • Old Frog

    Does anyone believe the Cowboys can do well in the playoffs after a game like that? If only we had traded Austin, Ratliff, and Spencer when we had the chance. This team is broken and a loss like this might demoralize those that can still play to the point where they don’t win another game. It’s time to start thinking about who we can trade for draft picks next year. And what about Callahan? How much can we get for him while we’re at it? Obviously nothing which seems to be about what he’s worth at this point.

  • SmartThinking

    Where, in your story, does it state that the Cowboys or, for that matter, Jerry Jones is quoted anywhere as saying he admits Ryan’s termination was a mistake? From what I’ve read from your story, nowhere! Your story is pure speculation and conjecture. Unless you have some other source you haven’t named in your story, Jones’ comments can only be ascertained as his commenting on how Ryan’s defense kicked the stuffing out of Dallas up and down the field all night. If the truth is to be known, Jones should have summarily fired Ryan on the spot last year after he went on the field, physically challenged the referees and at least one opposing player and received a 15 yard penalty which led directly to loss of the game. You need to get your facts in order before you write an incindiary headline and back it up with the lame evidence you used in this story. I’m old enough and knowledgeable enough about the game and the Cowboys football team’s inner workings to read between the lines when the evidence is there. I sure don’t need you stirring up a mess with inaccurate and misleading information.

    • Mike Dyce

      Come on…the embedded Tweet says “Jerry Jones on firing Rob Ryan: “We thought it was best for us to go in the direction that we are, and it doesn’t look good right now.” In other words, we thought firing Ryan was the best move, it doesn’t look like a good decision now.

      And for the record, ESPN used a similar “incindiary headline: “Jones has second thoughts on Ryan firing”

      • SmartThinking

        Then ESPN is equally at fault for misleading its viewers/ readers. I repeat, Jones made no quote about admitting a mistake. In fact, he made no supposition to that either. He did, however indicate that he felt firing Ryan was best for the team and the team was getting its patootie kicked by Ryan. That’s all. No regret. No admissions otherwise. The reporters’ comments were speculative and incindiary.

        • Mike Dyce

          So ESPN, CBS Sports,, and papers like the Dallas Morning News, Washington Post and Ft. Worth Star-Telegram all got it wrong… and you got it right?

  • jrcowboy49

    The only mistake made and it is hugh, is the idiot owner being the GM!

  • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

    Maybe some day the Cowboys will wake up and realize they just don’t have enough talent and that firing coaches who they think is the reason for their mediocrity is not going to solve anything. The Cowboys are suffering through problems caused by years of mismanagement.

  • californy

    IN a RR system the CB shut down the WR and this creates the sacks. Mo and Carr in Zone was all wrong last year and even wrong this year. Yup it took Kiffen 7 games to figure this out too

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