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Jason Garrett says Saints took away Dez Bryant with double coverage

The Dallas Cowboys suffered an embarrassing loss to the New Orleans Saints on Sunday. It was another game, like the Detroit Lions match up, where their best played Dez Bryant struggled to get into the game.

“I just do as asked. That’s what I do. I can’t answer that,” Bryant said.

Bryant finished the game with one catch for 44 yards and was only targeted twice. That has some wondering why he wasn’t a bigger part of the offense. Bryant has proven to be a player that can change a game. Head coach Jason Garrett says it was because of the double teams Bryant faced that took him out of the game.

“Dez gets a lot of attention every week, as you guys know,” Garrett said, via the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram. “Teams will come out and double him in a lot of different ways, and they did that. They did that in all our different formations and personal groups. They did the same with Witten. We didn’t do a good enough job finding the other guys who were getting isolated.”

Former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman said Bryant needs to run routes better to beat double teams earlier this season.

“Michael Irvin got doubled a lot, and there’s routes that are very good vs. double coverage. But you then have to run good routes,” Aikman said Thursday on KTCK-AM 1310 and KTCK-FM 96.7, via the Dallas Morning News. “And if you’re not running good, precise routes then it’s hard to try and fit balls into tight spaces when you’re a little unsure where a guy is going to be.”

“To me, what I’ve seen of Dez, what I’ve watched on film, that’s where he has to get better,” Aikman said.

Maybe Bryant wants to follow that advice.

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