September 9, 2013; San Francisco, CA, USA; San Francisco Giants center fielder Angel Pagan (16) celebrates while scoring on a RBI-double by first baseman Brandon Belt (9, not pictured) against the Colorado Rockies during the eighth inning at AT

San Francisco Giants may move Angel Pagan to corner outfield spot

The San Francisco Giants are coming off two World Series victories in four seasons, so it appears the front office knows what they’re doing. That may include moving center fielder Angel Pagan to a corner outfield spot, a sign the Giants may be looking to improve their defense up the middle.

Pagan has proven to be a vital offensive cog for the Giants, as offensively they fell apart when the speedy outfielder went down with a nasty hamstring tear last season. But defensively, Pagan has his problems and with talented outfielders (specifically center fielders) on the open market, the Giants could be looking to make a move.

It appears San Francisco is more open to moving center fielder Angel Pagan to a corner spot. The team is concerned that Pagan was limited to 71 games due to leg injuries in 2013. That could mean a look at free-agent center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury or trade possibilities (Denard Span is one center fielder who could be available).

The Giants have won in the past with pitching, so it’s doubtful the team would shell out a near $100 million dollar contract to a player like Ellsbury (especially after paying Hunter Pence $90 million earlier this offseason) as they need to fill the back-end of their starting rotation more than they need to add an additional outfielder.

Still, it’s a sign things are cooking in the San Francisco front office.

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